Conclusive – Coordinating Conjunctions

Conclusive coordinating conjunctions (conjunções coordenativas conclusivas), as the name implies, express a consequence or conclusion. These are similar to explicative coordinating conjunctions, but they more specifically indicate a cause and effect relationship between parts of the sentence.
The most common simple conjunction is portanto therefore.
Não quero ir, portanto não vou I don't want to go, therefore I won't go
In the right context, pois and logo can also be included in this group (although as standalone words they don’t really have clear English translations).
Está frio. Não vou, pois, sair It's cold so I won't go
Não estuda, logo não tem boas notas She doesn't study, so she doesn't have good grades
Here are some common conjunction phrases included in this group:
por isso for that reason
por conseguinte consequently
Ela não toma banho, por conseguinte cheira mal She doesn't take baths; consequently, she smells bad


  • Co-ordinating conjunctions are a very difficult area to learn but the whole unit has helped me immensely in my understanding. I am much improved by the lessons although I guess that I will tend to use the simpler “spoken” conjunctions where appropriate…….but I should be able with more effort in this area to understand the many more which tend to be used in the written form.
    This is a series of units to revisit and relearn at a later stage.

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