Interjections are words with an emotive function. They are used to express emotions, sensations, and moods. They can be just simple vowel sounds, like Ah! and Oh! , but most are either a free word or a phrase, in which case we call them locuções interjetivas.
The same interjeição interjection can have different meanings depending on the context in which it appears, its purpose, and the speaker’s attitude. Even with simple vowel sounds, sometimes changing the tone and extending the sound will give it another meaning.
Ai! Bati com o joelho na mesa. Ah! I hit the table with my knee.
Ai! Já me estou a passar contigo. Ah! You're getting on my nerves.
Interjections can be used as a standalone reply / affirmation, or they can be followed by a sentence.
Basta! Enough!
Irra! Vocês não conseguem mesmo estar calados, pois não? Geez! You really can't keep quiet, can you?
There’s practically an unlimited number of interjeições interjections, but below you will find the most common grouped by meaning/context.

Happy / Compliments

Boa! Nice! Bem bom! Very good! Espetacular! Spectacular! Sim senhor! Well done! Maravilha! Wonderful! Que bom! That's great! Ainda bem! I'm glad! Muito bem! Well done! Adoro! I love it! Iupi! Yippee!


Vamos! Let's go! Força! Go for it!, Stay strong! Vai! Go! Bora! Let's go! Siga! Go! Coragem! Courage! Anda! Come on! Boa! Nice! Bem! Good! Apoiado! I support you! Bravo! Congratulations! Parabéns! Congratulations! Continua! Go on! Dá-lhe!

Desires / Wishes

Tomara! Hope so! Oxalá! Hopefully! Quem me dera! I wish! Deus queira! God willing! Se Deus quiser! God willing! Espero bem! I hope so! Espero que sim! I hope so!


Ah! Ih! Elá! Ui! Ena! Caramba! Não pode! It can't be! Não posso! I can't! Não acredito! I don't believe it! Ai, o quê? What? Macacos me mordam! I'll be a monkey's uncle!

Impatience / Frustration

Ai! Oh! Epá! Opá! Mau! Irra! Geez! Bolas! Geez! Poxa! Gosh! Sinceramente! Oh, honestly! Francamente! Oh, honestly! Enfim! Finally!, Anyway!


Porra! Damn! Chiça! Geez! Irra! Geez! Raios partam! Damnit! Mau!


Shiu! Shh! Caluda! Shut up! Silêncio! Silence! Chega! Enough! Basta! Enough! Acabou! It's over! Parou! Stop it! Alto! Hold it! Fora! Out! Rua! Out! Chô! Shoo!


Ó! Ei! Hey! Psiu! Psst! Olha! Look! Ajuda! Help! Socorro! Help!


Claro! Of course! Certo! Right! Perfeito! Perfect! Sem dúvida! No doubt! Ora! Well! Isso mesmo! That's right! Sim! Yes!


Ups! Oops! Desculpa! Sorry! Foi sem querer! It was an accident! Perdão! Forgive me!

Greetings / Saying goodbye

Olá! Hi! Boas! Hello! Viva! Howdy! Tchau! Bye! Xau! Bye! Adeus! Goodbye! Boa noite! Goodnight! Até amanhã! See you tomorrow! Até sempre! So long!

Horror / Fear

Ai! Credo! Heavens! Céus! Heavens! Meu Deus! My God! Jesus! Que medo! How scary! Que horror! How awful!


Ufa! Graças a Deus! Thank God! Aleluia! Hallelujah Finalmente! Finally! Até que enfim! Finally!

Doubts / Questions

Hã!? Huh!? Quê!? What!? Como assim!? How come!?


Alerta! Warning! Cuidado! Be careful! Atenção! Watch out! Toma atenção! Pay attention! Olha! Look!

Pain / Sadness

Ai! Ouch! Ah! Au! Ouch! Oh! Coitado de mim! Poor me! Que dor! Such pain!

Using Interjections

Many of the expressions shown above can be combined with each other, often following the simple vowel sounds + a free word structure.

Ai, credo! Oh God! Oh, desculpa! Oh, I'm sorry! Epá, porra! Goddamnit!

Another way to use interjeições is to combine them with other words such as adverbs and pronouns.

Força nisso! Have at it! Alto ! Hold it right there!

Also, you may have noticed that some expressions already have pronouns, like Quem me dera! I wish! for example. You can change the pronoun to te or nos and have the interjection reference other people, as in Quem te dera! You wish!


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