Common Household Items

The average home is full of all kinds of objects, pieces of furniture, and appliances. In this unit, we’ll explore the most common objects you’ll find in each room of your house.

The Living Room – Sala de Estar

This is the room where you’ll likely spend lots of time relaxing with your family and friends. You may invite them to sit on the sofá sofa and enjoy a nice conversation, or perhaps share a meal at the mesa de jantar dining table.
You might watch the televisão television, or perhaps grab a book from the estante bookcase to do some reading.
Ele senta-se no sofá da sala (de estar) a ler um romance. He sits on the living room sofa reading a novel.
Note that it’s common to omit “de estar” after “sala” since it’s usually implied.

The Kitchen – A Cozinha

While preparing your meal, you’ll grab some food from o frigorífico the refrigerator to cook on o fogão the stove or in o micro-ondas the microwave.
In the kitchen you might also find a máquina de lavar loiça the dishwasher and a máquina de lavar roupa the washing machine
Aquece o teu pequeno-almoço no micro-ondas. Heat your breakfast in the microwave.

The Bathroom – A Casa de Banho

To stay on top of your hygiene, you’ll either want to tomar um duche take a shower or tomar banho take a bath in the banheira bathtub.
When you’re done, you might style your hair in front of o espelho the mirror over o lavatório the sink.
And of course, there’s also a sanita the toilet – but we won’t go into any more details!
As toalhas estão ao lado da banheira. The towels are next to the bathtub.

The Bedroom – O Quarto

Siblings that sleep in the same room might have um beliche a bunk bed, while a couple will likely sleep on a cama de casalthe double bed.
If you’re single, you might sleep on a cama de solteiro the single bed.
You can store your clothes in o roupeiro the closet. In the corner you might also have uma secretária a desk with um computador a computer.
As minhas roupas estão dobradas no roupeiro. My clothes are folded in the closet.
To add some life to any of your rooms, you might have quadros paintings, fotografias photographs or plantas plants.
Of course, you’ll also need cleaning supplies to keep everything looking neat, such as uma vassoura a broom or um aspirador a vacuum cleaner.
Limpa o pó da mesa! Clean the dust off the table!


  • Another useful addition to the vocab. Some new to me after some years with a free lesson system. You get what you pay for or put another way “you don’t get whet you don’t pay for”!!

  • Hi, Rui, Joel or Joseph!
    In this example above, “Ele senta-se no sofá da sala (de estar) a ler um romance,” when I listen to the audio, it sounds very much like “Ele sentou-se….” It truly does not sound like “senta-se.”
    Is this just a mispronunciation, or just a hearing glitch on my part?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, David. You’re right, good catch! He does say ‘sentou-se’ instead of ‘senta-se’. We’ll get it fixed, sorry about that and thank you.

    • Provavelmente faltam muitas coisas nesta casa, mas acho que já tem mobília o suficiente para viver com algum conforto 🙂 Ao menos, o sofá está lá!

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