Adverbs of Place – Debaixo, Acima, Abaixo

No one’s above a little studying! In this lesson, we’ll be looking at some more adverbs of place. Remember: Unlike other adverbs, adverbs of place only modify verbs.


Acima is the equivalent of “above”, and as such it is rather straightforward.
Ninguém está acima da lei. No one is above the law.
Veja a ilustração no exemplo acima. Look at the illustration in the example above.


Abaixo means “below” (the opposite of acima). Abaixo describes a thing or person that is in an inferior position in relation to another thing or person.
Hoje esperam-se temperaturas abaixo de zero. Today we’re expecting temperatures below zero.
A solução do problema está descrita abaixo. The solution to the problem is described below.


Debaixo is the equivalent of “under” in English. It is used when a thing or person is immediately under a certain other thing or person, in close physical proximity.
Guardo o estojo da guitarra debaixo da minha cama. I keep my guitar case under my bed.
Há tanto cotão debaixo da carpete! There’s so much lint under the carpet!

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