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Different Accents Throughout Portugal / Sotaques em Portugal

August 27, 2013

Here is another question from our friend Ihsan, to be answered by Rui:

Q: I was wondering if Portugal had different accents according to region like in Brazil…and if they varied greatly or differ only subtly? If there are different accents, which one does Rui speak?

Rui: Sim Portugal tem diferentes pronúncias que variam de acordo com as diferentes zonas. Os Açores têm a pronúncia mais marcada de todo o País (continente e ilhas) e talvez a que menos portugueses entendem.

Will Speaking Portuguese Help Me Communicate While Visiting Spain? / Falar Português em Espanha?

August 24, 2013

I found plenty of discussions about how it’s really not recommended to speak Spanish in Portugal, but I couldn’t find anything the other way around. I’ll be going to Seville in a couple months, and in case I can’t use English, would I be boo’d at for trying to communicate in Portuguese, since I don’t know Spanish?

Rui: Nunca ouvi dizer que não se deve falar espanhol em Portugal, acho até que geralmente os portugueses têm mais facilidade em entender os espanhóis do que o contrário.