Learning Studio: 50+ Exclusive Dialogues

January 20, 2019

After you complete all of the Lessons of a Unit, you’ll unlock a special dialogue. They’re basically bite-sized podcast episodes (1-3 minutes long), designed to put some of the vocabulary you’ve learned into context. We’ve launched over 50 new dialogues, with more on the way as we continue to roll out new Learning Studio Units. […]

Learning Studio Upgrades: Mastery Levels & Scoring

September 4, 2018

September 20th: This post has been updated to reflect additional scoring tweaks we launched today, inspired by some of the feedback in emails and this post’s comments. We’d love to know what you think in the comments… Obrigado! 🙂

We have exciting news! Over the past year, we’ve been rebuilding the Learning Studio from the ground up to prepare for lots of new, powerful features coming your way.

Although things will look mostly the same at first, some new intelligence has already been added to improve the functionality of the lessons, and their scoring…

Before: Classic Scoring

Previously, your lesson score was calculated as a percentage of how many questions you answered correctly.

For example, if you got 90% of the questions correct during a Lesson, that Lesson Bubble would fill in accordingly:

Your progress on individual phrases of a Lesson was not tracked, so the Learning Studio did not know which phrases you had already mastered, or which you still needed to practice.

Mastery Level

Now, when you complete a lesson, your Mastery Level for each phrase stored for later in the Learning Studio’s brain:

  • You’ll see this list at the end of a lesson, so you’ll know exactly which phrases you still need to work on.
  • All of the Phrase Mastery Levels combined determine your Lesson Mastery Level (which is visually represented by those filled-in bubbles on the main Units screen).
  • Whether you take a Lesson for the 1st or the 15th time, the questions will intelligently adapt themselves based on your Phrase Mastery Levels.

Can You Learn Portuguese in 3 Months?

December 15, 2017

Take a look at this post from the Fluent in 3 Months blog in which Holly Keenan finishes up month 3 of her learning Portuguese challenge (with a little help from Practice Portuguese!): How I Learned Portuguese in 3 Months: Mission Complete! You can also see how she did in Month 2 and Month 1. […]

Simple Phrases To Learn Before Visiting Portugal

May 19, 2017

We often get messages from complete beginners who plan to visit Portugal and want to learn a few of the basic Portuguese travel phrases. In Portugal, the level of English is quite good, especially the younger generations in the main cities of Lisbon and Porto. But regardless of how well the locals speak your language, […]

Getting Past Beginner’s Intimidation On Your Way To Portuguese Fluency

July 29, 2015

We get amazing emails from our members daily, and we usually just respond to them privately. But since the response got quite long and involved, I decided to go over it a couple times before sending and try to turn it into a more or less intelligible article that others might be able to relate to… but you can be the judge! – Joel

Question (Edited slightly): I need inspiration and a plan. I am a subscriber and like the Podcasts a lot. Husband is Portuguese and I have taken lessons, can read and write pretty well but am so reluctant to speak. I did go to his village in central Portugal for three weeks alone to force myself to speak. (had no choice!).

Free or Low-Cost Resources for Learning European Portuguese

April 12, 2015

  Using a variety of different types of resources can give you a fresh perspective on learning Portuguese and helps you stay motivated. But we know money doesn’t grow on , so check out this guide to free and low-cost options for learning the Portuguese of Portugal from the blog Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal: […]

Practice Portuguese November News Update

November 10, 2014


After almost two years of us putting all of our focus into releasing new podcast episodes, we realized that our website design and functionality was starting to slow us down. We were stacking new features onto the very basic website we had started with, which was working fine… but today, we are very proud to announce a brand-new PracticePortuguese.com, ready for 2015 and beyond!

Read on to find out more about these new features and upgrades. We hope you’ll find that our site is more beautiful and much more fun to use.


Updates Throughout the Site

 The home page has been redesigned to do a better job of introducing the Podcast, the people behind Practice Portuguese, and what we’re all about!

• We have also tried to do a better job of explaining the Premium features on the sign-up page, since we were having some questions about exactly what Premium Members receive in return for their support.

• Since we receive so many great emails from members (as well as passers-by), we created a Reviews page which allows visitors to see messages from other Practice Portuguese fans all over the world! Of course, we don’t include anyone’s full names or identifying information for privacy reasons.



New and Improved Premium Features

Here are just a few of the improvements we have made to make our Premium experience even more delightful!