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Just like afpop, we love to help estrangeiros cope with their new life in Portugal. As you probably figured out, we focus on the language portion.

You can learn more on our home page, but here’s a quick intro:

This project is run by Portugal native Rui Coimbra 🇵🇹, and ex-pat Canadian, Joel Rendall 🇨🇦.

Since first arriving to Portugal, Joel has experienced first-hand the unique challenges that a European Portuguese learner faces:

• The vast majority of learning materials found on the net are Brazilian Portuguese, making it hard to know if you’re learning vocabulary that’s actually used in Portugal

• Language learning companies overlook the European Portuguese market, because compared the Brazilian, we’re small potatoes!

• Aside from the grammar and vocabulary differences, European Portuguese natives are famous for their closed vowel sounds – sometimes making it seem like they’re leaving out vowels or even entire syllables!

To help you deal with these challenges, we’ve created:

Audio dialogues to explore many of the real-life scenarios you’ll face throughout your journeys in the country.

Videos and animations to bring the language to life

Transcriptions to help you match up what you’re hearing to how it’s written, along with non-computer-generated English translations so you can confirm your understanding

Quizzes and exercises that ensure you’re learning the right vocabulary and pronunciation (in our Learning Studio)

afpop Collaboration

Michael and Rui in deep concentration recording this special afpop/Algarve episode!

We recently partnered up with afpop to exchange ideas on how to better serve you estrangeiros, while at the same time spreading the word about our shared mission.

Have you already met Michael Reeve, the CEO of afpop?

While writing the script for our latest podcast episode focussing on the Algarve dialect, we tried to convince Michael to play the part of a foreigner trying to navigate the Portuguese bureaucracy to get his residency.

Michael bravely agreed to help under one condition: we would have to unlock the premium features for this episode for all you afpop members!

Below you can use the transcription and other features below, usually reserved for our members.

While listening, keep in mind that this is one of our more challenging episodes, especially with some of the Algarvian pronunciation.

Challenge yourself to see if you’re able to follow along with the text transcription as you listen, without letting yourself get too overwhelmed. (We also have easier episodes in our catalogue and you can listen to the audio of them all for free).

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Obrigado de novo and keep in touch,

– Rui & Joel

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What’s Next?

We have more collaboration planned with afpop for the future, but in the meantime, we invite you to explore our site to discover the rest of the quirky content we’ve come up with over the years!

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