Practice Portuguese November News Update


After almost two years of us putting all of our focus into releasing new podcast episodes, we realized that our website design and functionality was starting to slow us down. We were stacking new features onto the very basic website we had started with, which was working fine… but today, we are very proud to announce a brand-new, ready for 2015 and beyond!

Read on to find out more about these new features and upgrades. We hope you’ll find that our site is more beautiful and much more fun to use.


Updates Throughout the Site

 The home page has been redesigned to do a better job of introducing the Podcast, the people behind Practice Portuguese, and what we’re all about!

• We have also tried to do a better job of explaining the Premium features on the sign-up page, since we were having some questions about exactly what Premium Members receive in return for their support.

• Since we receive so many great emails from members (as well as passers-by), we created a Reviews page which allows visitors to see messages from other Practice Portuguese fans all over the world! Of course, we don’t include anyone’s full names or identifying information for privacy reasons.



New and Improved Premium Features

Here are just a few of the improvements we have made to make our Premium experience even more delightful!

Transcription Highlighting:

Move your cursor over the highlighted words in the transcription to see the definition.

Downloadable PDFs:
Take the transcription with you on your mobile device, or print it off to add notes etc.. whatever your style is! Just look for the Download PDF button in the Transcription tab:

Test your comprehension of the episode. Remember to share your results to Twitter after you complete the quiz so we can see how you did!
Aside from the front-end features, we have also done a lot of work on the back-end of the site to make sure things run more quickly for our premium members. Speaking of which…

Obrigado to our Members!

As you probably know, European Portuguese learners are a relatively small group. We rely directly on their financial support and encouragement to continue to produce new episodes, and grow this project to its full potential.
We have been receiving great feedback from the community. Our members have been making great use of the Premium features as a supplement to their ongoing Portuguese studies, and to improve their aural comprehension.

“Thanks for your project…I feel I am making giant steps!…I find the transcribed dialogues a great tool to really improve my understanding of the language, learn new words and expressions, etc….I have subscribed as a Premium member, and I felt it’s the best few Euros I’ve spent…”

 – Premium Member Vito A. from Italy,

(meeting up with Rui and Joel in the streets of Lisbon)


But we don’t want to stop here. We have big plans for 2015. With your support we are able to grow the project much quicker and offer more content to our European Portuguese community!

Take your European Portuguese
Fluency to the next level.

(psst… even if you aren’t planning to become a member, you might still want to see the video of Rui’s Avó trying to explain the Premium features 🙂

Thanks for reading, e um grande abraço!

– Rui & Joel

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