Portugal News: How to Stay Motivated Learning Portuguese

Check out our article in the Portugal News about how to stay motivated as you learn European Portuguese.

Learning a new language comes with so many rewards. It’s the key to experiencing the world in a new way and making deeper connections with the people you meet. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to learning Portuguese. We all have different goals and learning styles, which is why it’s always important to choose the strategies and resources that are most relevant to you.

Think about the last time you met someone new. At the end of the conversation, you probably remembered a funny story they told you and that they complimented your shoes. But, be honest – did you remember their name?

We can’t remember everything, so our brains naturally hold onto whatever is most closely linked to our emotions, goals, and interests. Without that essential link, it’s easy to forget what we learn and to lose motivation. This is why it’s so important for language learners to… Continue reading

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