Brand-New European Portuguese Podcast Feed: “Shorties!”

Member feedback on our new “Shorties” episodes has been so positive, that we’ve decided to launch them into their own separate podcast feed!

Subscribing in your favourite podcast application will allow you to automatically receive episodes as they’re launched, so you can improve your European Portuguese skills in just a couple minutes each day.

Short bursts of daily practice are a great way to avoid learning plateaus.

  • Fresh episodes daily, 110+ and counting!
  • Practice your listening skills with with bite-sized 1-2m audio episodes
  • Train with different Portuguese voices, to help you tune your ears to various pronunciation styles
  • Like our other longer-form podcast, the audio is free to listen. Transcripts, PDFs, translations and more are available to our wonderful members

Subscribe in iTunes*

or Subscribe in Overcast, Castro, Pocket Casts and more by searching their directories for “European Portuguese Shorties”

For nerds, here is the direct link to the RSS feed:

*Reviews in iTunes are a HUGE help, if you have a moment to spread the love 😇🥰🇵🇹

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