Supermix Interview (with Tatiana, Rui & Joel)

When we launched Diálogo 24 Um Café Em Lisboa (with our special guest, Tatiana from Brazil), it understandably created some controversy with our audience, who normally looks to us for European Portuguese content!

While most members loved exploring the differences between the two dialects, a few members were worried that we were losing our European Portuguese focus. (We’re not!)

To discuss why we occasionally expose our audience to Brazilian content and much more, Tatiana invited Rui & Joel to her radio program, Supermix (based in Italy), for a special interview. We also talk about other aspects of Practice Portuguese that you might have been curious about too! (Note: Some of Tatiana’s audio had to be re-recorded because of technical issues, so some editing was necessary. However, we’ve tried to retain the authenticity of the live interview as much as possible!)


  • Most of us are here to learn EU PT sure. But our goal is to learn and why not understand the differences between Br and Eu Pt. It will only make you more prepared.

  • I think the content is excellent. It’s a pleasure to listen to both, Brazilian and European Portuguese, especially when some differences are being explained. However, Brazilian Portuguese is not a dialect, and neither is European Portuguese. Please don’t call them dialects. There are probably 10 dialects in Brazil and about the same number of dialects in Portugal.

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