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European Portuguese in China!

September 23, 2021

Did you know that there are a lot of students learning European Portuguese in China? At least 50 universities teach Portuguese as a foreign language to over 5000 students! We are very proud and grateful that many of these students and their teachers use Practice Portuguese inside and outside the classroom to improve their European […]

A Meditação

The Meditation

September 20, 2021

In today’s European Portuguese Listening Practice episode, Pedro teaches Joana how to meditate! Listen to this short dialogue and let us know what you’d like us to cover next on our channel!

Passo a Passo 2 – A Rota Vicentina

Step By Step 2: The Rota Vicentina

September 15, 2021

Years after walking the Caminho de Santiago in our first “Passo a Passo” film, your favourite Portuguese / Canadian pilgrims are back at it again, this time to walk the beautiful Rota Vicentina! To spare you from the foot blisters, Rui and Joel do the hard work for you, trekking through challenging sand dunes all […]

Tiago Conversa com o Pai

Tiago Talks To His Father

September 13, 2021

In this beginner Portuguese comprehension episode, Tiago talks to his father, showing us how to use the verb ESTAR to describe an action that is currently happening (i.e. the present continuous tense). 🚀 Learn about the Present Continuous in European Portuguese with this free article: https://www.practiceportuguese.com/learning-notes/present-continuous-in-portuguese/

Rui and Joel Crash the “Pandilha” Live Show

September 9, 2021

We recently had the pleasure of participating in the online liveshow, “Pandilha”, where we discussed how Practice Portuguese got started. You can watch the full interview (with English subtitles available). We’d love to have you learn European Portuguese with us, so remember to visit our website to learn more! Thanks to the wonderful hosts Mónica […]

Deixa-Me Dormir!

Let Me Sleep!

September 6, 2021

In today’s European Portuguese Listening Practice, you’ll listen to a dialogue between a Portuguese couple, who cannot agree on what time to get up in the morning. Martim is already hungry and bored, so Lara has to get creative if she wants to sleep in.

As Crianças e os Adultos

Children And Adults

August 23, 2021

In this beginner episode, Tiago learns about the basics of men, women, children and adults. You’ll see examples of how to conjugate and use the verb BEBER (to drink) in Portuguese, plus how to use the indefinite articles um and uma (the masculine and feminine versions of “a”).

Alguém Pediu uma Francesinha?

Did Somebody Order A "Francesinha"?

July 8, 2021

Ahhh the famous Portuguese Francesinha, a staple of Portuguese cuisine! 🤤 The Francesinha is a traditional Portuguese dish that comes from Porto, a city in the north of Portugal. The recipe is simple: All you need is two slices of bread, a beef steak, several Portuguese sausages and cheese. The traditional Portuguese francesinha always comes […]

Que Dia É Hoje?

What Day Is Today?

May 5, 2021

Happy World Day of the Portuguese Language! 📚 In 2009, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries defined May 5 as the World Day of the Portuguese Language, and on 2019 the date was recognized by Unesco. The first celebration took place in 2020. Portuguese is the official language in 9 countries and in Macau 🇲🇴: […]

Despedidas e Parcerias

Farewells And Partnerships

March 30, 2021

2021 has already been off to a busy start! Rui & Joel update you on everything that’s going on, (all in Portuguese): • Rui & Joel get COVID swabs jammed up their noses… for TV • Rui quits something and joins something else within the same week (Huh?) • Our mobile app is on the […]