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Passo a Passo (O Caminho de Santiago)

November 13, 2018
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Welcome to our documentary of Rui and Joel’s (and friends) journey walking the Caminho de Santiago!

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Feliz Natal e Boas Festas!

December 19, 2017
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What better way to celebrate the season than with a bit of snow and -11°C temperatures? Check out the holiday hijinx we got up to while almost freezing to death in Toronto, Canada this month… and learn a bit of seasonal vocabulary at the same time!

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Simple Phrases To Learn Before Visiting Portugal

May 19, 2017

We often get messages from complete beginners who plan to visit the country and want to learn a few of the basic phrases. In Portugal, the level of English is quite good, especially the younger generations in the main cities of Lisbon and Porto. But regardless of how well the locals speak your language, picking […]

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Dicas Do Rui: Como Viajar Com Uma Mochila (Video)

February 25, 2017
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No, we’re not getting into luggage sales… But since Rui spent many hours researching the best travel gear, leading up to his trip to Argentina, we decided to take advantage of his new-found knowledge to create this video, exploring new vocabulary surrounding travel, clothing, and more! Note: We have no affiliation with and receive no compensation […]

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