The Portugal News: We Want European Portuguese!

Check out this short article about us in the Portugal News 🤩: Desculpem Brasileiros, We Want European Portuguese!

We were a bit surprised to see that our Desculpem Brasileiros! Sorry Brazilians! tagline caused so much controversy in the comments! We’ve had this phrase on our homepage for a long time as a lighthearted nod to the fact that many of our members come to us after spending a lot of time only finding resources for Brazilian Portuguese, with so little out there that focuses on the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

So just for the record, we’re not here to create a division between Brazil and Portugal. 🇧🇷 🙈🇵🇹 We love Brazilians and we love the wide diversity of dialects of the Portuguese language. As speakers of the European Portuguese variant, our goal is to help fill the gap in availability of resources and continually improve our platform to share Portugal’s unique language and culture with the world.

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