THE BEST for Portuguese from Portugal

My favorite resource for listening to Portuguese from *Portugal* is the Practice Portuguese podcast and website. The podcast has really developed in usefulness over time as they have experimented and tweaked it into an ever more useful learning tool. I particularly like the episodes where they go through the content and discuss cultural and grammatical content in Portuguese. The PP website has also developed many useful features for language learners. Members have access to Portuguese transcriptions of the podcasts as well as English translations that can be turned on or off.

The team of Rui and Joel is what really makes the experience enjoyable. Rui is a native speaker living in Portugal and a very talented teacher. His pronunciation, timing, understanding where we are at as language learners, humor and warmth are really exceptional. Joel, is also exceptional. A Canadian now living in Portugal and learning Portuguese, he has put himself on the line and openly shown us his language journey during the course of the podcast. He has the best characteristics of a language learner: enthusiasm, a willingness to make mistakes, accepts corrections gracefully not defensively, and respects the language and culture of Portugal.

As Joel and Rui have developed their materials they have kept their podcast and website very friendly, warm and real. It has a very Portuguese heart and is a true gift for us European Portuguese learners. Check them out!