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Portuguese Holidays

March 26, 2017

The Portuguese calendar has several holidays and holiday periods throughout the year. Holiday can have two meanings in Portuguese:

  • feriado holiday – A public holiday, or day to celebrate something of specific cultural or religious importance at a local or national level.
  • férias holiday, holidays – A planned period of time off work or school. Férias are often scheduled around important feriados.

Some of the Main Holidays in Portugal

Date / Time of Year Holiday
1 de janeiro January 1st Ano Novo New Year’s
fevereiro February Carnaval Carnival, Mardi Gras
março March or abril April Páscoa Easter
25 de abril April 25th Dia da Liberdade National Freedom Day
10 de junho June 10th Dia de Portugal Portugal Day
 25 de dezembro December 25th Natal Christmas

Date Format

In Portuguese, the structure of dates is dia de mês de ano (day of month of year), and the numbers are typically cardinal, not ordinal. That means that you say um de janeiro January one instead of primeiro de janeiro January first. You may have also noticed that the names of the months and days of the week are not capitalized in Portuguese, as they are in English.

In written form, dates appear


Artigo 24 – Natal e o Ano Novo

January 4, 2017

What could be better than a holiday episode in January? (Just about anything!) Listen to find out what happened to Rui that delayed this episode… and be extra prepared for when the holidays come around again in about 355 days! We also discuss some quirky traditions and superstitions that Portuguese natives take part in during […]

New Year’s Eve Traditions in Portugal

December 14, 2016

In Portugal, A noite de Ano Novo New Year’s Eve is full of traditions and superstitions. Just like Christmas, the celebration begins with a family dinner, and even more holiday sweets.

It’s All About o Dinheiro!

Superstition says that you can attract dinheiro money in the new year by eating chocolate.

The Holiday Season in Portugal

December 14, 2016

Celebrating Christmas: Then and Now

Portugal has no official religion, but most of its population is Christian (81% Catholic). However, only about 19% attend mass and take the sacraments regularly. In Portugal, Church and State are formally separate, but the Catholic institution still has a strong influence, especially for the older population.

xmas lisboaLike other parts of the world, holidays like o Natal Christmas have gradually transformed from being purely religious to being more commercialized, cultural holidays, especially for the younger generations. Despite the growing commercialization and consumerism of the holiday, it is still possible to find some old traditions, especially in as aldeias the small towns, villages of Portugal.

In more recent years, the Portuguese have incorporated as árvores do Natal the Christmas trees and Santa Claus imagery in their homes. Parents tell their children that


Video: Uma Família Portuguesa, Com Certeza!

December 31, 2015

Na nossa casa, animação não falta! Neste vídeo, a avó Odete cria o caos ao tentar explicar o que é o Natal e o fim do ano. Consegues adivinhar as suas resoluções para 2016? Like this special video-only episode? Tell us in the YouTube comments! (Atenção: Nível de dificuldade = MÁXIMO) • Because of the […]