Subscribing to Practice Portuguese on Android

We recently had a user ask us how to download our podcast for offline listening using an Android device. In the past, we have used and enjoyed Pocket Casts, a “podcatcher” app for Android, but the process should be similar regardless of which app you choose.


In the App Store (on your Android Device it may be called Android Market, Google Play Store), search for and install the Pocket Casts app (by Shift Jelly)


Once installed, open Pocket Casts and click the search icon


 Search for Practice Portuguese then tap the result


Click Subscribe


 Go back to the front of the app (using back arrow), and expand the menu on the left (using the little icon with 3 lines). Click on Podcasts


 Select our wonderful podcast!


 Click the Download icon beside the episode(s) you’d like to store on your device for offline use. Enjoy!! (Remember to log into our website to download transcriptions and use the other features to enhance the experience 🙂



  • Boa tarde O Rui, O Joel,

    I’ve downloaded the Pocket Casts app and am wondering how I can access older PP podcasts as only the most recent, Pizza Na Hora Esta a Contratar, is coming up for me to download? Any light you can throw on this would be wonderful…Many thanks.

    Siovan Hogan

    • Sorry for delayed reply! All of the podcast episodes should be appearing in the feed. There is probably a setting toggled on in the app that is making it hide previous episodes, or you have to navigate to another section that shows all episodes. It might just be showing the most recent episode that is also downloaded and queued for listening. Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll hop on an Android device to try to be more helpful! 🙂

  • Hello, guys!
    Is it possible to have sync subtitles on Android with your podcasts if I will have a subscription?
    Thank you!

    • Yes, they should work in any modern web browser, although it’s tough for us to test every version of Android to be 100% sure. If you decide to sign up and run into any issues, please get in touch with us. Obrigado! 🙂

      • Thank you for the reply, Joel!
        They do work in mobile browser, but I meant within Podcast App or something else, so that I can predownload them in advance to listen without internet?

        • You can download the audio of all of our episodes by searching for us in a podcast app (Pocketcasts is great!). However, you’ll need to use our website in the browser or download the PDF for an episode to follow along with the transcription. Hope that helps!

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