Visite o Paraíso

Did you know that Portuguese is the official language of a few countries in Africa? Discover the beauty of these hidden paradises!


  • The speed of 1X is very comfortable for me and even at 1.2X there is still no problem to follow. General speaking, what would be the normal speed of reading for Portuguese who are renowned for speaking very fast.

    • That’s great practice, bravely increasing the speed! I think that often when people are hard to understand, it is due to a combination of faster speaking, mixed with reduced enunciation (or perhaps just the latter!). I have often encountered people who speak at what would be a comfortable speed, but because they mumble or have a speaking rhythm I’m not used to, I have an extra hard time following the conversation. Episodes with Rui’s grandma is probably a good example, as is our Passo a Passo documentary. We are also producing a handful of Shorties where one speaker is from Porto, and the other is from farther North, with a more rural way of speaking, so those should also be a good challenge once they’re released 🙂 Keep up the great work with your practice, Sam, and thanks for your continued support!

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