Dona Ana no Consultório Médico – Parte 2

Dona Ana at the Doctor's Office - Part 2


Always obsessed with her health, Dona Ana discovers the results of her thorough medical examination.


  • Although all others have worked, suddenly I have no vocabulary or expressions,. It says to change the filters, but I have no filters set that I know of.

    • Hi Sharon, Sorry for the confusion! This is actually a bug on our end and we’re working on getting it fixed. The vocab and expressions should still work for most of the episodes, but there are a few that still have this bug. Should be back to normal soon!

  • Still no vocab and expressions – there was a lot to learn on this lesson, hope you can get the bug fixed

    • We’re working on it… 🙂

      In the meantime, we do have a mobile-friendly version of the site so you can still practice on the go.

  • These dialogues are challenging but helpful. I would like it if we were able to see the translation afterwards. Sometimes I’m guessing, and I’d really like to see the correct answer when I get one wrong.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback on this! Adding translations to the quizzes is on our list of potential features to add. In the meantime, I think guessing is actually a great learning exercise. Without the translation to fall back on, it forces you to use context to come up with a possible meaning, just like you would do in real life if you’re in a conversation where you’re only understanding pieces of what is being said. This makes the learning process more deliberate, and thus more memorable. I do understand wanting to be able to check yourself, though!

  • I’m looking forward to the conversation between Ana and this doctor about him being negligent and finding something dormant because he’s always been so dismissive

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