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Dona Ana no Consultório Médico, Parte 2

Dona Ana at the Doctor's Office - Part 2

People:Eliana Rui

Always obsessed with her health, Dona Ana discovers the results of her thorough medical examination.

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  • Although all others have worked, suddenly I have no vocabulary or expressions,. It says to change the filters, but I have no filters set that I know of.

    • Hi Sharon, Sorry for the confusion! This is actually a bug on our end and we’re working on getting it fixed. The vocab and expressions should still work for most of the episodes, but there are a few that still have this bug. Should be back to normal soon!

  • Still no vocab and expressions – there was a lot to learn on this lesson, hope you can get the bug fixed

    • We’re working on it… 🙂

      In the meantime, we do have a mobile-friendly version of the site so you can still practice on the go.

  • These dialogues are challenging but helpful. I would like it if we were able to see the translation afterwards. Sometimes I’m guessing, and I’d really like to see the correct answer when I get one wrong.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback on this! Adding translations to the quizzes is on our list of potential features to add. In the meantime, I think guessing is actually a great learning exercise. Without the translation to fall back on, it forces you to use context to come up with a possible meaning, just like you would do in real life if you’re in a conversation where you’re only understanding pieces of what is being said. This makes the learning process more deliberate, and thus more memorable. I do understand wanting to be able to check yourself, though!

  • I’m looking forward to the conversation between Ana and this doctor about him being negligent and finding something dormant because he’s always been so dismissive

  • Yeah and a love story, too. A real soap opera. And all that at level A1. But to be serous I really enjoy how well this acted out. And I find the doctor to be very compassionate.

    • They often overlap, but with exceptions. The closest equivalent I can think of in English would be think vs. believe. Whenever you can and can’t use those two verbs interchangeably in English, the same should apply in Portuguese to pensar and achar.
      For example:
      – I think you’re right. (yes) / I believe you’re right. (yes) = Eu penso que tens razão. (yes) / Eu acho que tens razão. (yes)
      – I’m thinking about you. (yes) / I’m believing about you. (no) = Eu estou a pensar em ti. (yes) / Eu estou a achar em ti. (no)

  • What a wonderful doctor, wish I had such a good one! They barely know my name anymore.
    Nicely acted folks! Well done! I saw someone call this a soap opera, and this says it’s part 2, but I don’t recall seeing a part 1… When I binge watch I have to start from the beginning… I don’t want to miss any episodes! 😉

    • Here’s the first one: Dona Ana 1. This used to be linked to a previous unit, but we substituted a different episode since then. Sorry to throw you off! 😊

  • Dr. Afonso is a bit paternalistic, nāo verdade? So, he tells the anxious Dona Ana to spend MORE time with her grandson? Is this so he can drum up business for the grandson when he comes in because he’s got his anxious grandma hovering around him twice as much? Que pena!

  • Why is it “O menino acaba a sopa antes de sair da mesa” but “Tens de sair de casa” – both casa and mesa are feminine so should be the same – what am I missing ? Is there no article needed in the case of “leave the house ?” as in “leave house ?”

    • Olá, Peter. With the noun “casa”, there is some flexibility regarding the addition or exclusion of the definite article “a”. This is an example. You can say both “de casa” or “da casa”, just like you can say “em casa” or “na casa”. The options without article mostly apply when you’re talking about your own house or someone’s own house (home). If you were talking about any other random house, you would generally use the definite article.

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