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Planos De Aniversário

Birthday Plans

Practice possessive pronouns / determiners in this dialogue about Afonso’s birthday plans.


  • At 006 sec, he says “Vou passá-lo…..” I would have thought it should be ‘passar-lo’? Is this simply a contraction for pronounciation or have I missed something?

    • Olá, Leonard. It’s not a pronunciation quirk, it’s really a rule 🙂
      When we have the object pronoun “o” after a verb form that ends in a consonant, there’s a grammatical rule that says that the preceding consonant must be dropped and the o” must change to “lo”. So, we go from “passar-o” to “passa-lo”. Finally, to keep the stress on the last syllable, we have to add the accent as well: “passá-lo” (otherwise, without accent, we’d naturally stress the first syllable instead).

      Here’s a Learning Note on this: Clitic Pronouns: 3rd Person

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