O Consumo de Tabaco

Everybody knows smoking is bad for your health, but it is still a difficult habit to break free from. Take a look at some of the statistics surrounding tobacco consumption in Portugal.


  • Olá!
    I love the subject material of the new ‘shorties’. A nice switch from dialogues.

    In this one, should “O aumentos dos…” be “Os aumentos dos…”
    should “O custo de uma maço… be ‘O custo de um maço…”?
    Obrigado e bom fim de semana.

    • Great catch, Paul, and thanks for taking the time. It looks like we had corrected the transcript internally but it wasn’t regenerated for the website yet. I’ll make sure this is done soon since we can’t have those errors stickin’ around 😉 Abraço

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