Materiais de Construção

César is doing some home renovations and stops by the builders’ merchant to purchase supplies.


  • Good morning from lockdown England. I should have been on a flight to Faro this morning. ☹️

    Instead many thanks for the daily Shorties and could you explain the grammar behind “Posso ajudá-lo ….”. – or point me in the direction of a previous note?? Specifically the á…..

    • Olá, Penny! I know the feeling of missing flights and holidays because of this pandemic… 🙁

      Regarding “posso ajudá-lo”, this means “can I help you”. Can I = (Eu) posso, and help you = ajudá-lo. “-lo” is the object pronoun that replaces “you” here. It’s a third-person object pronoun, because this is the formal you, “você”, which we conjugate like a third person. The accent over the A is simply because that’s the stressed syllable of that word, with a very open A. Here’s one Learning Note (there are more, though!) that’ll get you acquainted with these object pronouns: Clitic Pronouns: 3rd Person

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