Férias Na Praia

The Silvas go to Costa da Caparica on holidays to enjoy some time at the beach. Meet the family and discover what they like to do on sunny days.

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  • Hi, Rui & Joel! These “shorties” are very useful for me, as the ones that are much longer are a bit beyond my level.
    However, I actually have a “typo” to report to you. In the quiz for this “shorty,” Question 2 of 6 says, “O que é que a família faz nos DIZ mais quentes”?
    I think that should be “DIAS mais quentes,” não é?

    • Thanks for catching that, and good eye! I’ll get it corrected now. Glad you like the Shorties… be sure to check back for a new one daily (for at least the next month while we roll out a bunch that we’ve been working hard on! 🙂

  • In the vocab word list would it be possible to include if a noun is masculine or feminine? Many thanks for these excellent ‘shorty’ listenings.

    • Thanks Angela, a solution for this is definitely in the cards as part of some major features we have planned for the months to come 🙂

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