Um Bom Profissional


Miguel tells João about his new job working at a restaurant.


  • I’ve got to ask: some of the “random people” who repeat phrases in the lessons… do they have regional accents? I find that what they are saying sounds nothing like I expect it to hear, even when I play it back after knowing what it is supposed to be.

    This is in fact my biggest stumbling-block with learning to speak Portuguese in the real world: I can read it quite easily now, but just don’t recognise the spoken words.

    (I should add that I feel sorry for anyone trying to learn English in the UK, where regional accents can be incomprehensible even to the English!)

    • For the most part, as you browse all the content, you’ll hear a general Lisbon accent, but it’s true that some people with different accents also lend their voices to Practice Portuguese 🙂 I think that even apart from the accents (none of them are very strong in the lessons, from what I remember), the language itself is prone to frequent disconnections between the written words and their pronunciation, with certain vowels and consonants that can sound a million different ways. That’s an added challenge on top of everything else, but it just makes it all the more gratifying when the pieces start gradually falling into place. It takes time!

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