A Cidade do Porto

Porto may be the second largest city in Portugal, but it rivals Lisbon when it comes to the charm of the region and its people. Let’s explore what makes it so special.


  • The opening lines translation of “a city that receives several tourists throughout the whole year” doesn’t seem like the best translation. Lol. The dictionary defines several as “more than two but not many”
    I would sure hope Porto receives more than two tourists throughout the whole year. Lol. Less than half the amount of Lisboa’s.
    “Porto welcomes 1.6 million tourists annually”

    • Porto does welcome many tourists every year 🙂 The translation is trying to follow the Portuguese text as closely as possible. But “vários”, in Portuguese, is perhaps much more open-ended than “several” in English, so it’s not a perfect match. Thanks for your input!

  • this is the second “short” I’ve listened to and I found it much easier than O Senhor Miguel and his football. Maybe because all in present tense. It’s good to be back on the site 🙂

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