Practice Portuguese Takes to the Skies ✈️

One understands a culture not just through its food and tourist attractions, but through its language! Now when you fly TAP, you’ll be speaking your first Portuguese words before you even land!

If you haven’t heard the news already, Practice Portuguese will be featured onboard TAP Airlines, Portugal’s flag carrier airline. 🤩

Next time you fly, be sure to check out our videos on the seat-back entertainment (I know… just when you thought you could escape Rui and Joel for 5 minutes! 😈 )

TAP also did an interview about how Practice Portuguese got started, how Joel adjusted to life in Portugal, and more. You can read the full entrevistainterview here on TAP’s website:

Staying home for now? 😷  Don’t worry, you can still enjoy our video series on land. It’s geared toward beginners who want to get an introduction to European Portuguese and learn how to handle those very first interactions in Portugal. We’ll continue to add more over the coming months, so check back again soon!

Hello & Good Day! | Greetings - Rui and Joel go over how to greet someone in European Portuguese, depending on the time of day, to kick…
How Are You? Fine, Thanks! | Greetings - Rui and Joel show you how to ask how someone is doing, and how to correctly say "thank you", (something…
Who Are You? | Greetings | Learn European Portuguese - In this episode, Rui and Joel show you how to introduce yourself to someone and ask them what their name…
Where Are You From? | Greetings | Learn European Portuguese - There's a pretty good chance that, unless you're already speaking with a perfect Portuguese accent, you'll be asked where you're…


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  • Oh this is great, next time I’ll make sure to fly from Geneva to Lisbon on TAP to see it. Hope this can be soon.

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