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Most of the resources on were developed for adult learners, but we know there are a lot of children out there who want to learn European Portuguese too! We often get the question – do you teach Portuguese for kids?

Well, one day we hope to have the option for a more kid-focused curriculum, but for now we decided to create this blog post to give you our perspective on how learners who are mais novo Play normal audio younger usually approach the site.

In general, crianças Play normal audio children learn best via frequent exposure to the language, so we recommend finding as many opportunities as you can for them to interact with other people in português paused audio playing audio Play slow audio Play normal audio Portuguese. Consider using our forum to reach out to famílias Play normal audio families with children. You may find other children who want to practice speaking or parents who have ideas to share about teaching strategies and programs that have worked well for their children.

Our resources can be a good supplement to more immersive learning styles, as an extra practice tool that can be used em casaat home.

Younger children will probably benefit more from working through the material with the guidance of an adulto Play normal audio adult, while older children and adolescentesteens may be able to work through the site independently. It all comes down to their individual preferences, background, and learning styles. If you want more informação Play normal audio information about whether to become a member, check out the help document here: Is This Program Suitable for Children?

Below we have curated a selection of our more kid-friendly content, to help you get started. If you want to browse our full index of content by topic, you can also explore the Site Index.

The Alphabet

Click here to learn the letters of the Portuguese alphabet!


For younger children, the grammar explanations (Learning Notes) within our series of Units may be too advanced, but with the help of an adult, the exercises (Lessons) within each unit can be a good way to “learn by doing”. You can try working through the main units list in order, or link below to specific topics that your child wants to work on.

Simple Interactions

👋🏻 Greetings

🙂 Introducing Yourself

👍🏾 👎🏾 Likes & Dislikes

Basics of Portuguese Grammar

📖 Basic Grammar

📝 Introduction to Verbs

🤔 The Verbs Ser and Estar

🗣 -AR Verbs 1

🏃🏾‍♀️ -ER Verbs

📖 -IR Verbs


👀 Plurals

👉🏽 Informal Future

Vocabulary Focus

😎 Warm-Up

🎨 Colours

💯 Numbers

🧀 Food & Drinks

🍽  Cooking & Eating

🪑 Things

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Family

💪🏼 Body Parts

🦒 Animals

👖 Getting Dressed

📚 Classroom Note: This unit is quite tough because it includes more formal language that is less common in every day speech. However, it’s also helpful when preparing for a classroom setting (e.g. for understanding instructions on a test or assignment).

Smart Review

As your children work through the units, they can use these flash cards and quizzes to review what they’ve learned. The cards shown adjust to the child’s individual performance (i.e. the phrases they have more difficulty with are shown more often). There are two different modes:

  • ⁉️ Quiz Mode (Basically the same as the Lessons within the Units)
  • ⚡️ Flash Cards (Given an English phrase, you must write or say the Portuguese translation to yourself. Flip the card to see a correct answer and mark whether you were right or wrong.)

Shorties & Videos

These are a great way to get listening practice!


💬 Opposite Words

Opposite Words

The Dictation


Adriano’s Family

Joana’s Weekend

Family Tap Dancing

The Grandparents’ Visit

Maria Helps Her Father Set the Table

Grandpa Manuel’s Motorcycle

💬 The Grandparents’ Visit

A Beautiful Baby

Tiago Learns to Dress Himself

Tiago Talks to His Father

Like Father, Like Son

The World Before Us

Tiago’s Mornings

Nuno’s Hobby


Isabel’s Pets

Joana’s Animals

💬 Isabel’s Pets

The Zoo’s Inhabitants

A Portuguese Safari

A Trip to the Animal Shelter

Pedro, João, and the Animals

Tiago at the Zoo


Grandma’s Oatmeal

Gustavo Learns How to Make Cheesecake

Grandma and the Plants

💬  Gustavo Learns to Make Cheesecake

Pedro and João at Mealtime

Hugo and Patricia at the Dinner Table (Animated Video)


Dinosaurs in Lourinhã

O Portugal dos Pequenitos

Pico Island

Peneda-Gerês National Park


The Christmas Tree

Praia da Ursa

We’d love to hear your feedback on which topics your kids would like to see/hear more of, as well as what worked or didn’t work for your family. You can reach out here. 😊

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