Olá Shorties!

This is an episode of introductions! First, we introduce Molly, an American who recently moved to Lisbon and is off to a great start with her Portuguese.

Next, we introduce the new “Shorties”, which are bite-sized audio dialogues, each around 1 minute in length.

We listen to a segment from one of our Shorty contributors, Marina, and discuss some of her Porto pronunciation characteristics, compared to the Lisbon accent.

Rui also puts Molly and Joel on the spot to help with their Portuguese pronunciation, hopefully allowing you, our lovely listener, to recognize and improve upon common mistakes that you might also be making as an English speaker.

What did you think of Molly’s premiere? Please help us encourage her to bravely return for more episodes, by leaving her a comment!



  • Excellent episode! I like the portuguese/english format! Definitely need to do more of these, it helped a great deal learning about the pronunciation this way! Tão bom!

  • Hi Guys.

    This is a great episode! You never fail to keep coming up with new stuff to keep me interested.
    I love the shorties and have loaded them into Overcast (thanks for the podcast player recommendation, Joel).

    Hats off to Molly – for someone that’s only been learning a couple of months, she’s doing great! Probably better than me and I’ve been at this for 8 or 9 months now.

    I’m really pleased you’re introducing more content for us beginners – it’s gonna be a big help.

    You’re absolutely right, however, “ouvir um português falar é a melhor forma de estudar”. I’ve taken to focussing on one episode for a week before moving onto the next – listening to it over and over (usually on my commute) and then reviewing it in the evenings with the transcripts. It’s finally starting to all sink in.

    Thanks for all the great work you do and keeping us up to date with fresh, interesting and occasionally amusing content 🙂

    You guys rock!

    Chris S.

  • Great episode! Exploring the finer points of pronunciation is really helpful. Also, I’ve been loving the Shorties– I’ve only been a subscriber a couple of months, and have found many of the full podcast episodes to be more than I can take in at my level (advanced beginner/lower intermediate) without major fatigue setting in. The Shorties, though, are a great length to listen to several times in a row, understanding more and more each time.

  • This was super-helpful. The exact focus on some of the pronunciation pitfalls for English speakers. Bom travahlo tudo! Parabéns, Molly, seu acento ja é muito bom! (please excuse errors, I’m a rank beginner). As I was listening, I had an idea that an interesting podcast might be about pitfalls for those of us that are fluent in Spanish. I imagine there are a fair number of us! I’m noticing a lot of “false cognates” that have the potential to really trip us up. One example in this podcast was “morado” which means purple in Spanish but means address in Portuguese. I’m noticing a lot of these as I go about my efforts to learn. There are also pronunciation pitfalls-words that are spelled the same, but pronounced differently. Then there are short cuts: for example, on all the there/here variations, the Spanish speaker will immediately understand the different meanings, because they’re the same. I don’t know if this topic would have wide appeal but it would for me!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! You’re right, there’s lots of false friends between the two languages. One pair that always comes to mind is ’embaraçada’ (Portuguese for embarrassed) and ’embarazada’ (Spanish for pregnant) 🙂

  • Thank you. It could be very useful if you will make the similar podcast but with Russian-speaker. In Portugal there is a big Russian-speaker community, people from Russia and Ukraine moved here back in the times and continue to do it. We create our vowels in different way as well and I have some difficulties with understanding. For example, words which end on “Am” eles gostAM, eles morAM or “em” eles bebEM.. Also cases when you have to pronounce “R” as double “R” rapariga, rapaz and so on..
    Obrigada pelas tuas explicações;)

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