October Updates!

Since the last newsletter about the launch of Smart Review, we’ve been hard at work, launching new features and new content to keep you learning European Portuguese!

We’ve got a lot more coming soon, but today we’ll take a break to give you a quick round-up of some of the recent highlights:

New Episodes

New Units

We recently launched 6 more units:

New Learning Notes

We just posted these useful guides on some of the topics that matter most to our members:

New Features

  • ⚡️ Have you noticed the transcripts are loading much faster lately? We just implemented instant transcript loading to make your study sessions more efficient.
  • 🔍 Trying to remember that one episode you really liked, but you can’t remember the title? Hoping to find an episode using a particular word or topic? You can now use our search engine to search through entire episode transcripts.

In The News 📰

  • Do you ever start a conversation in Portuguese and then have no idea what to say next? This is the topic of a recent article we published in Tomorrow Magazine, in collaboration with our friend, Lena Strang. Read more and hear tons of audio example phrases: 🗞 Olá, tudo bem? NOW what?
  • Need some strategies to get out of a slump? The Portugal News just published our article about 🗞 Overcoming a Plateau in Your Portuguese Learning

É tudo por hoje!

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