Learn European Portuguese!

Learn the language as it's spoken in Lisbon, Porto and other areas of Portugal (...instead of just settling for Brazilian study materials!)
Are you planning to study, work or travel in Portugal? Challenge yourself and get comfortable with the basics of Portuguese before you arrive. 
Whether you're just getting started or have already learned the basics, we have the tools you need to improve your speaking and comprehension skills.
 "Where can I find European Portuguese learning materials?"
Introducing.... the Practice Portuguese
Learning Studio!
What's the Learning Studio?
In short, it's an online portal of interactive quizzes designed to fully immerse you in learning phrases, vocabulary, and grammar of European Portuguese
What's inside:
• 225+ lessons
...that will teach you
• 7000+ phrases
250+ verbs 
... (with fresh content being added all the time!)

Each quiz features different question styles to test your skills, including:

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Multiple Choice

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Do you really just offer European Portuguese?
Yes! There is a much greater need for European study materials on the web, so that's what we focus on.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rui Coimbra
Co-Founder /  Content Director
As you probably guessed from my name, I'm the native Portuguese co-founder! After having lived and worked with Brazilians throughout my career, I've always had a fascination for helping "estrangeiros" (foreigners) like Joel and yourself navigate the differences between the Brazilian dialect and my own. Learning the language is the best way to understand a culture, and I'm excited to share with you a piece of Portugal :)






Is this an app?
No, there's no app to install (although we're looking into it for the future).
For now, the Learning Studio works best on a computer running a modern web browser, and it works on mobile as well.
What's the difficulty level?
So far the content is meant to challenge those who are just getting started, around A1/A2/B1/B2 levels of the Common European Framework. We're always expanding the Learning Studio, to allow you to keep progressing.
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Study the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar from Portugal

• The leading audio programs cover very limited vocabulary, and can be repetitive and tedious.
Software companies don't see a big enough market to be bothered with our lil' European Portuguese learning community (so you normally have to settle with learning the Brazilian dialect).
Quality textbooks can be difficult to find, especially internationally.
In the last few years of running PracticePortuguese.com, the most common question we get is:
We've been working hard to fill this gap...
and we're finally ready for you to take a look!
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Who is this for?
You'll get value from the Learning Studio whether you're using it alongside another course, or if you are bravely diving into Portuguese for the first time.
The Learning Studio will also help you if you are transitioning from Brazilian Portuguese or another Romance language such as Spanish, French or Italian. 



Why is it a subscription?
We wanted to make these quizzes accessible to as many people as possible at a reasonable monthly cost (rather than paying a larger amount upfront). 
Your ongoing subscription helps us cover server costs associated with maintaining the course's software and most of all, it allows us to frequently add more lessons and improve features to make the Learning Studio better over time.




Master Your Verbs
Inside the Verb Trainer:
• Practice all the conjugations of over 250 of the most common verbs used in Portugal
• Hover over each verb tense to instantly see all the conjugations and its sample usage.
• Your progress is automatically tracked as you master each verb conjugation.
How long will it take you to fill in all the circles?

High-quality phrases

We have painstakingly deliberated over every phrase in both Portuguese and English to make sure everything you learn is something a native speaker would actually say (instead of generic phrases that are meant to be translated into a bunch of other languages). 

European Portuguese Speech

Compared to Brazilian Portuguese, the European dialect has many more vowel sounds that you need to master in order to become fluent. You'll also find that all of the audio examples are 100% European Portuguese (...no offense to Brazilians!) 

Move at your own pace

Choose your own adventure! 
All of the lessons are immediately unlocked from the beginning, so you aren't stuck re-learning the same things you may already know!

Track Your Progress

As you progress through the lessons, the lesson bubbles will fill in to let you keep track of how you're doing in each Unit. You can always return to a lesson to improve your score and fill in all the bubbles with green!

Verb conjugation and knowing how to use each verb tense is a cornerstone of mastering European Portuguese.

Different Every Time

Every lesson pulls from a large pool of questions, so if you retake a lesson multiple times to brush up on your skills, it will never be exactly the same twice.

Joel Rendall
Co-Founder / Creative & Tech Director
Proudly born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I moved to Lisbon in September 2012. While learning the language, I found it very difficult to find study materials that weren't Brazilian Portuguese. With some technical skills and first-hand experience learning the language, I'm driven to help fill this void. European Portuguese is a beautiful language that deserves to be made easily accessible to learners worldwide, and I'm excited to make that happen!
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€12 per month
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Is there a trial?
Yes! You can try a few sample quizzes right now – you don't even have to log in or provide us with any details until you're ready to unlock everything else.
Remember, you can cancel anytime and ask for your money back if you're not satisfied. 



What Early Members are Saying:


"This is exactly what I'm looking for. It is absolutely excellent."
- Wally M.
"It's great so far. Better than most sites!"
- Rose B.


"I love love love the lessons... I love that they go over words quite a bit in different ways. I take notes too and I really feel I'm retaining the information. I've been trying to learn for quite sometime and this is the best learning tool I've used..."
- Kim C