Learning Studio: 50+ Exclusive Dialogues

After you complete all of the Lessons of a Unit, you’ll unlock a special dialogue. They’re basically bite-sized podcast episodes (1-3 minutes long), designed to put some of the vocabulary you’ve learned into context.

We’ve launched over 50 new dialogues, with more on the way as we continue to roll out new Learning Studio Units. These are exclusive to members, and are separate from the longer dialogues we launch as Podcasts episodes.

Just like the podcasts, members can use the premium features to enhance their learning:

  • Follow along with the transcript, automatically synchronized with the audio
  • Toggle ON/OFF the English translations
  • Download the audio or PDF transcription, (with or without translations)
  • Take the short comprehension quiz to make sure you understood everything

To give you an idea of how these work, we’ve unlocked one of these dialogues to the public, which you can try out below:

Reunião de Trabalho

We've unlocked the Premium Features for this special episode! Members get access to features just like this across our entire library. Learn More

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