Regular Verbs in the Present Tense: IR Verbs

As mentioned, verbs are split into three groups:

  • Group 1: verbs ending in -AR
  • Group 2: verbs ending in -ER
  • Group 3: verbs ending in -IR

Now we’ll deal with the 3rd and final group:

IR Verb Endings

The -IR verb conjugations are very similar to the -ER verbs, except for one little difference… can you spot it? 🤔

abrir to open

to open


Abrir – Indicativo – Presente

A loja abre muito cedo.
The store opens very early.

  • eu abro
  • I open
  • tu abres
  • you open
  • ele / ela abre
  • he / she opens
  • você abre
  • you formal open
  • nós abrimos
  • we open
  • eles / elas abrem
  • they masc. / they fem. open
  • vocês abrem
  • you pl. open


dividir to share, divide

to share / to divide


Dividir – Indicativo – Presente

Nós dividimos todas as refeições.
We share all the meals.

  • eu divido
  • I share
  • tu divides
  • you share
  • ele / ela divide
  • he / she shares
  • você divide
  • you formal share
  • nós dividimos
  • we share
  • eles / elas dividem
  • they masc. / they fem. share
  • vocês dividem
  • you pl. share


partir to leave, break

to leave / to break


Partir – Indicativo – Presente

Ela parte o meu coração!
She breaks my heart!

  • eu parto
  • I leave
  • tu partes
  • you leave
  • ele / ela parte
  • he / she leaves
  • você parte
  • you formal leave
  • nós partimos
  • we leave
  • eles / elas partem
  • they masc. / they fem. leave
  • vocês partem
  • you pl. leave


Did you find it? The “nós” conjugation is different!
Beber: nós bebemos
Abrir: nós abrimos


    • Great suggestion, thanks! As a quick solution, I’ve added the infinitive verbs with audio above each verb block. Welcome aboard as a new member this month too! 🙂

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