Numbers – Multiplier Numerals

Multipliers define multiples of a given thing or person. Let’s have a look at a few.

Quantificador Multiplicativo Multiplier
duplo/dobro twice/double/duplicate
triplo/tríplice thrice/triple/triplicate
quádruplo quadruple
quíntuplo quintuple
sêxtuplo sextuple, hextuple
sétuplo septuple, heptuple

Multipliers are always preceded by the definite article “o”, and they’re paired with the preposition “de” or its prepositional contractions.
Tenho agora o dobro da tua idade. I am now twice your age.
Montemor tem agora o quádruplo dos habitantes. Montemor now has four times as many inhabitants.
After four, instead of using a multiplier number, we usually use a cardinal numeral and the word “vezes”, meaning “times” in English. This makes it simpler to express large multiple quantities.
Isso é cinco vezes mais do que precisamos! That’s five times more than we need!
O vosso campo é oito vezes maior que o nosso. Your field is eight times bigger than ours.
Notice that when we use this construction (cardinal numeral + vezes) the definite article is no longer used.

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