Numbers – Cardinal Numerals

What do they do?

Cardinal numbers simply indicate the number of people, animals, or things.
Eu tenho três irmãos I have three brothers
Ela tem dez pássaros She has ten birds
Vocês compram vinte laranjas You buy twenty oranges

They are invariable, except…

The majority of cardinal numbers are invariable, however, um one, dois two and the centenas hundreds, starting at 200, do depend on the gender of the noun.

Um copo One glassUma mesa One table

Dois carros Two carsDuas casas Two houses

Duzentos euros Two hundred eurosDuzentas formigas Two hundred ants

Cem or Cento?

Cem Hundred is used when it comes before a noun or when talking about higher quantities.
Cem pássaros One hundred birds
Cem mil dólares One hundred thousand dollars
However, when is followed by another numeral, an inferior one, we use cento.

Cento e dez One hundred and ten

Cento e vinte One hundred and twenty


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