Coordinating vs. Subordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating Conjunctions (conjunções coordenativas)

  • Used to link clauses (parts of the sentence) that have equal importance
  • Both parts of the sentence could be separated without changing the meaning.
  • Examples:

Eu vou ao cinema e ela vai ao teatro I go to the cinema and she goes to the theatre.
O limão é azedo, mas eu gosto The lemon is sour, but I like it

Subordinating Conjunctions (conjunções subordinadas)

  • Connects a dependent clause to an independent one (making one subordinate and dependent on the other).
  • Notice in this example that the conjunction porque tells you that the second clause is the reason for the first clause:
    Não espero por ela porque ela demora muito tempo I don't wait for her because she takes a lot of time

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