Storage, Tools, And Cooking

Food Storage

There are many different places and containers you can use to store or preserve food.

  • Food that can be stored at room temperature can be placed in the despensa pantry, in the armário de cozinha kitchen cabinet, or right on the bancada counter or mesa table. Fruit, in particular, can be put in a fruteira fruit holder, which might be a bowl, basket, or a whole multi-tiered stand.
  • Food that needs to be preserved at lower temperatures could be placed in the frigorífico fridge, others in the congelador freezer. Some people might have a arca frigorífica freezer cabinet, which is a bigger freezer, separate from the fridge.

Cooking Tools and Appliances


To prepare food on the kitchen counter or table, we often use a tábua de cortar cutting board
When cutting meat or vegetables, you might use a faca de chef chef's knife or a faca para vegetais paring knife. If you’re cutting bread, then a faca serrilhada serrated knife would be more appropriate.


  • colheres de pau wooden spoons
  • pinças tongs
  • espátulas spatulas
  • coador colander
  • raladorgrater
  • batedorwhisk
  • quebra-nozesnutcracker
  • rolo da massarolling pin


  • micro-ondasmicrowave
  • fogãostove
  • placa de induçãoinduction cooktop
  • fornooven
  • grelhadorgrill
  • liquidificadorablender
  • chaleirakettle
  • panela de pressãopressure cooker
  • processador de alimentosfood processor
  • tostadeiratoaster
  • batedeiramixer
  • espremedorjuicer
  • cafeteiracoffee maker
  • balançascale


  • panelas pots
  • caçarolas casseroles
  • tachos pans
  • frigideiras frying pans
  • luvas (de forno) oven mitts


Tableware includes talheres cutlery, pratos plates, serving dishes and copos glassware.
When it comes to cutlery, the three main eating utensils are colheres spoons, garfos forks and facas knives.
Here are some other common items you may see at a Portuguese table:

  • travessaplatter
  • tigelabowl taçabowl
  • concha