This page is to simply give a shout-out to some of our favourite tools and services that our site runs on, which we’d also easily recommend to others.

We have no affiliation with any of these products, nor do we solicit reciprocal links from them. We’re just happy customers excited to use these products, and decided to post them here for anyone who might find it helpful!

AuphonicSince 2016, we’ve been relying on this service for post-production of not only our podcast episodes but also for the audio of our videos. We get frequent compliments on our production quality even, though we work with a pretty limited budget. We believe a big part of that quality comes from the fact that we use Auphonic’s audio algorithms to remove background noise, compress and normalize audio levels and other special-sauce enhancements that improve up the audio as a whole. We also use Auphonic for easily adding the chapter markers to our newer, longer episodes and making it easy to syndicate our episodes to YouTube, upload the file to our FTP server, and save it to a folder in Dropbox, (all automatically). They also connect to Google’s speech recognition API which we sometimes use as a starting point for transcribing the English discussion in some episodes. Their rates are very reasonable and we look up to them as how a quality service should be run in the modern age!

PodigeeWe’re also very grateful to this company for generously providing their open source Podigee Player. We had been looking for something like this for years to synchronize episode transcriptions with the audio. They also have a podcast hosting platform that we would recommend to those looking to get started with minimal overhead. We’re very proud to be using Podigee’s player and will be continuing to watch their updates as well as their other services very closely, as they’re doing great things for the podcasting community.

WordPress: Our site runs on the world’s most popular open-source content management system and allows us to keep our site modern and infinitely expandable in features and content.

Blox Theme: (WordPress Theme Framework) This is a refreshed and greatly-improved fork of the now-defunct Headway theme framework. It can be used to design a custom theme completely visually, but it’s also a timesaver for more intermediate users to not have to manually code the php of each WordPress query and php template file from scratch. We use it as a solid foundation for our custom css and php that the site is based on, and appreciate the ability to mirror sections of a design across different sections of the site with just a few clicks. Highly recommended for anyone looking to put a custom WordPress site together who doesn’t want to be have to adapt to a pre-existing theme’s design.

BeaverBuilder: We started this page builder for the new design we launched mid-February. While Blox can also handle page layout too, we prefer to use Blox for the overall theme layout while using BeaverBuilder to design unique page layouts, (such as the Register and Home pages, plus other blocks we reuse throughout the site). We’ve used other page builders in the past and this one feels nice and lightweight, allowing us to focus efficiently on the content rather than coding every piece of HTML manually. Their support is great to work with too!

Stripe: We trust this payment provider to keep our member’s information safe. It also integrates with most major WordPress plugins, and their commission rates and overall quality of service are better than the less-beloved company that rhymes with HeyPal! The only downside is the dashboard is a bit geeky (since it’s more geared towards developers), but works well once you get used to it.

MailChimp: The safety of our audience’s email addresses is right up their with the importance of their payment details. We use this service to manage our lists and newsletters and appreciate the lightweight, clean feel, complimented by powerful features whenever we want to get fancy with segmenting, or exporting/importing etc. Their API is great too, which connects to many WordPress plugins.


Podcast Editing: Logic Pro X

Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Coding / CSS: Brackets by Adobe