Contribute Your Audio Recording

  • The recording tool below also captures video, (because with this tool, the audio-only recording option is less compatible on mobile, compared to video recording.) Feel free to simply cover your camera if you're shy or naked 🙂
  • Click the record icon above to start / stop recording. If you mess up, simply record again and your recording will be overwritten.
  • We only plan to use your audio, but if enough people allow us, we *might* get more creative, (for example, posting an episode promo video on social media.)
  • What are you saying in the recording? (Optional; this helps us with keeping things organized).
  • What name can we use to introduce you on the podcast episode? Just a first name or "anonymous" is fine 🙂
  • (Won't be shared publicly)
  • No need to edit this field, as it should be prepopulated
  • Note that if you write a message, we may share it in the podcast episode.