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Updated: 08.04.2018



Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the next episode

Name: Ben

Hey Rui and Joel, Thank you for your great work on your podcasts and thanks to Rui’s poor grandma for being a willing victim :D. It is nice to finally find something in European Portuguese. Often I have downloaded apps on my phone and deleted them immediately because they were in Brazilian… Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the next episode… Abraços Ben


Name: Andrea V

Its great, it has helped me a lot!

Fico muito satisfeito de encontar este Podcast

Name: Tola

Bom Dia! Vou tentar escrever este email em Portugues 🙂 Então, o meu noma é Tola e estou a aprender Portugues há quase 3 meses. Estou a aprender portugues de Portugal e eu sei que é muito dificil de encontrar recursos online para trenair portuges de Portugal porque só encontro recursos de portugues do Brasil. Por isso fico muito satisfeito de encontar este Podcast, que ensina este tipo de portugues e gostaria de ser um membro para poder aceder a outras informações neste site…

Thank you for your work!

Name: Marella

Olá! Bom Dia! Eu sou uma rapariga italiana que fiz no ano passado o erasmus em Coimbra. Adorei Coimbra e o Portugal e agora nao queria esquecer o que aprendi lá! Gosto muito do vosso podcast, é muito divertido e útlil e também não há muito material para estudar portugues do Portugal no internet! Eu vou a fazer um bocado de publicidade ao vosso site no curso de portugues que estou a fazer aquí na Italia! Muito obrigada para o vosso trabalho, boa sorte para o vosso futuro e espero que vão a continuar assim! beijinhos da Italia! Marella


Name: Pedro DV

Simply that, congrats!

Thanks for the new podcast.

Name: Steve

Hi Rui and Joel, Thanks for the new podcast. I’m leaving for Lisbon tomorrow. I’ve become a fan of the grumpy Pizza Na Hora guy (to be fair, his customers have been pretty difficult). I’d like to know if this is a real place, because if it is I intend to order a pizza from them. It would be the highlight of my visit. Thanks. By the way, keep those episodes coming! Thanks to your podcast my fear of the European brand of Portuguese has been reduced considerably. I still want to palatalize those -te endings like in Brazil but I’m learning. I’d try writing this note in Portuguese but it’s late here and I have more packing to do. Driving up to Toronto in the morning — Joel’s hometown I believe — for the flight to Munich then Lisbon… – Steve (proud PP member!)

‘Exactly what I sought’

Name: Kiichiro

…I like this website. I’ve also thought that there hadn’t been any educational source in portugal-portuguese on the internet. I had exhausted to seek it.
And this practice style of learning language, conversations of 2 native speakers and its transcriptions, is exactly one of my sought. I’ve already bought premium one…

…Ouvir um portugues falar…

Name: manhateixeira

certo..a melhor (talvez a unica maneira de aprender portugues) é ouvir um portugues falar..obrigada pelos videos!!

Thank you for this initiative

Name: Patricia

Hello, As you can see when you read my name, I’m Portuguese. Of course I don’t need to learn the language but I teach Portuguese to Belgian students. When I was surfing the net looking for some fun exercises and/or videos (yes, most of them are in Brazilian Portuguese)… Thank you for this initiative, Patricia


Name: Fidji56

Ando a apprender portugues, sou francesa, este Podcast é uma ajuda preciosa. Obrigada


I love “practicing”

Name: Sofia G.

Thank you for your podcast! I love “practicing” my portuguese comprehension with you 🙂


Name: Mafalda

Olá, chamo-me Mafalda, comecei já ouvir o vosso podcast quando estava em Macau. Já estou agora em Portugal. Votos para o Practiceportuguese ser muito melhor. Muito prazer e tenham boa vidas!

Abraço da Alemanha

Name: Philip

Olá Joel e Rui! Encontrou-os no Apple Store e sou muito feliz por isso! Já fui na procura disso alguma tempo porque já sei um pouco falar e entender portugues, mas quero ainda melhorar! E para isso este podcast e muitissimo apto!… Abraço da Alemanha (Colonia), Philip

Procurei muito tempo…

Name: Moreira01

Muito bom que encontrou este podcast! Sou alemao e procurei muito tempo um podcast onde as pessoas falam um pouco mais de vagar!
Muito obrigado!!!

Practice Portuguese

Name: Barrowford1

Excellent resource, far better than a portuguese wife for learning the language!

Keep up the good work!

Name: Ihsan

I just finished listening to this episode. Admittedly, I was initially a little hesitant to give it a listen, as I found the dialogue type of podcasts to be really hard to follow. (With Dialogo 4 being the last one I listened to, having listened to all the dialogues before that as well). I usually gave more attention to the articles, even though I appreciated the immersion that came with the previous dialogues. I just have to say that I really enjoy this new style of dialogue-type podcast (All the newer ones with Joel), I think it’s a good balance of being realistic enough to be immersive but at the same time, it’s structured enough to be easier to follow… Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

Name: Ihsan

Hello! I only recently discovered your podcasts/videos via youtube while looking for something in Portuguese to listen to. Because I have indeed become tired of reading through books and doing exercises, leaving my speaking and listening skills untrained! Your work has really helped me in getting familiar with the European Portugese accent, and helped me distinguish individual words in between the cutting and eating of words this accent is quite famous for, at least according to several Brazillians I’ve spoken to (as well as what I first perceived, being more familiar with a spoken Brazillian accent)! 😛 I’m very grateful for that as it was quite frustrating not being able to understand very well, especially since the material I used to learn Portuguese in the beginning was of European Portuguese. I will continue following what you do and spread the word to anyone that might be interested. 🙂 … Keep up the good work!

Ideas are Great!

Name: Margaret

Hello, I live in Portugal and I am trying to learn Portuguese. I think your ideas are great and are exactly what is needed…

What a great idea!

Name: Helena

Hi guys, what a great idea! I’ve only just started learning Portuguese (one, simple lesson under my belt so far!). I found your website via Learning, and I’ll definitely be back later when my language skills improve. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Helen

Keep up the good work!

Name: John L.

English teacher in Lisbon here. I thought you might like to know that I completely agree with you – finding material for beginner’s Portuguese is relatively straight-forward, with lots of books, apps etc, but authentic, intermediate material is very difficult to find, especially for Continental Portuguese. Keep up the good work!

It’s a perfect companion for my classroom studies.

Name: Deb

… I love your podcasts. They are helping me a lot. I’m so happy to have found Practice Portuguese. It’s a perfect companion for my classroom studies. I recommend this site and podcasts to everyone who needs to improve the ear and learn how Portuguese really speak. Parabéns!!!!

…Recommending it to anyone who will listen!

Name: Sandra H.

Olá e parabéns on a great site. As everyone says, it is difficult to find good learning material for European Portuguese so I’ve just found your site and already recommending it to anyone who will listen! I particularly like the clear, slower recordings as my brain turns inside out when I hear normal speed… It’s good to hear things I can understand (mais ou menos) and I then have a better chance when it goes into full speed. I hope you continue to get support and I’ll be signing up for the premium features soon so you can get some coffee and cake! It will be good to have the transcripts and the wordlists and expressions look really useful too. Muito obrigada Sandra

Congratulations on your excellent site

Name: Emma

Boa tarde! Congratulations on your excellent site, one of my students found you yesterday and told us about the site in class today… Obrigada! Emma (

Portuguese woman married with an American…

Name: Sandra H.

I’m a portuguese woman married with an American, with 4 children. I homeschool all my children and was looking for resources for my daughter to learn Portuguese. She’s an 8th grader, and will be in high school next year… I do think the way that Rui talks is very clear and of course I do like that you guys actually use portuguese expressions like “patavina, ” etc , since we portuguese use these all the time.  And of course I really enjoyed listening to Rui’s grandmother, because it reminded me of my own grandmother… I think your programs are funny and very well done!

Everybody should do this!

Name: Vito

Olá Rui e Joel… thanks to your project, I feel I am making giant steps! I have just listened tonight to the last couple of audio contents, including a entrevista com o Joel – and I can tell you I find the transcribed dialogues a great tool to really improve my understanding of the language, learn new words and expressions, etc… I have subscribed as a Premium member, and I feel it’s the best 5 Euros spent every month  Everybody should do this!


Name: Estagmar123

A huge thanks from Argentina!



Name: AzulAldo

Eu espero que vos tiverdes mais podcasts pa escutar!

Pretty Great!!


Extremely helpful and well put together. Not boring like other language audio lessons. Bravo, worth the download!

…Spending the weekend listening to your podcasts

Name: Geoff

Hello PP Guys, I found your page through iTunes. I’m from Vancouver, but I’ve been living in Santiago, Chile for 3 years. My Spanish is good, and I’ve been working on transitioning some of it into a basic level of Portuguese. I’ve always listened to a wide variety of Spanish; thank you for the materials from the “Home Country”! Obviously, it’s all about Brazil here in South America. I teach English online with Skype and Google Hangout. I’m passionate about communication based language learning… Good luck with your project! I’ll be spending the weekend listening to your podcasts. Geoff

Fun way to improve your Portuguese!

Name: RitRl.

These podcasts are a really fun way of improving your skills when it comes to understanding native Portuguese speakers! I give it 4 stars just because I wish there were more podcasts already available!


Name: jeolga

Great job you are doing guys, not only easy to learn but funny too, keep up the good work , you are doin an amazing job CONGRATULATIONS


Name: Jonny5_81

This is so helpful. Well done

Aconselhei a 1 alemã

Name: Cacottas

Voz muitissimo clara e agradavél…


Name: ***JJ***

Excellent podcast, on spoken European language, I have been looking for something like this for years to improve my listening and speaking skills. Great to be able to listen to podcast and follow transcript. Look forward to future episodes of the same high standard

Practice Portuguese is easy and fun!

Name: 18countries

This is the best Portuguese language learning tool I have used, and I have tried many! Very helpful indeed!


Name: Mirian

I’m inspired! Love it!


Name: JDHill

Nice work on this one!! Far better than having a roommate that speaks it trying to teach me.

Muito bem produzido

Name: Shelterzach

Muito bom! Excelente ferramenta de ensino. Continuem 🙂

Muito Bom! Parabens!

Name: MRaquel

Parabéns pela iniciativa 🙂 e principalmente pelo resultado final!!


Name: André

Excelente forma de aprender português!


Name: Margarida Oliveira

Undoubtedly the best application to practice Portuguese language. Good themes and excellent understanding. Keep up!!


Name: Chic085

Excelente e descontraída forma de ensinar o português comum. Continuem!


Name: Idaliza

Um modo engraçado de se aprender português, muito bom!

Really Useful!

Name: Darlingmia

My mother is learning portuguese and this podcast is without doubt the best so far! I highly recommend it.

New Waves

Name: James Muscat

Very true! Cool way to prepare foreigners a taste of reality and at the same time prepare them for when they’re out and about! Well done