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Updated: 08.04.2018



Extremely helpful!

Name: Ryan

I just came back from my trip to Lisboa, and this was extremely helpful! Thank you!

…Improving comprehension of European Portuguese

Name: Tom

I’ve been speaking and learning Portuguese for years and am still ashamed to claim I speak it because I feel I only really speak half the language – the Brazilian half! These podcasts – particularly the Diálogos – fill such a helpful gap for improving comprehension of European Portuguese – great podcast thank you!

Thank you so much guys…

Name: Mauricio

I learned Portuguese in only six months since my mother tongue is Spanish. However here in my country Brazilian Portuguese is the most popular version of Portuguese. The day I knew about European Portuguese I immediately fell in love with it! And it was until that day that I realised that Brazilians speak in a funny way haha xD. Thank you so much guys for everything you’re doing. Keep up the good job! Greetings from Mexico. 😀

I’m enjoying your podcasts very much…

Name: Kelly

I’m enjoying your podcasts very much. They are wonderful learning tools…

We are very happy…

Name: Karin and Bette

Dear Rui and Joel,
We are very happy with Practice Great entertaining articles and dialogues to listen to. And as a member we enjoy the extras you offer…, two lovers of the Portuguese language in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The podcasts have been a great help

Name: Colin B

Hey there just letting you guys know the podcasts have been a great help for my oral comprehension! I’m a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique and have to teach physics in Portuguese so having actual exposure to the language with the transcripts was a huge help.It’s true that there aren’t many resources for European Portuguese so thanks for putting this together!

Thank you helping me

Name: Danielle F.

Thank you helping me on the pathway of learning this beautiful language. I wish you the best success for this very creative website.

Premium Subscriber

Name: Lynn

I have subscribed to Premium and am very much enjoying the lessons!

Great job!

Name: Isabel

Keep on the great work!

Very interesting…

Name: Aristide

Very interesting program for listen portages of Portugal!!!

Really great!

Name: Catriona

Boa tarde. I’ve been using your podcasts to help my aural skills and it is really great! Multi obrigada!…

Great to get precious resource…

Name: Eason

Great to get precious resources for learning European Porutuguese since i have never seen such a systematic and rich site full of accessible portuguese learning materials.

You are doing a great job!

Name: Karolina T.

Thank you very much for the new episode ”O Joel quer comprar uma mota”. I think it was very good!! You are doing a great job! Your listeners want more! 🙂


Name: Logan S.

Looking forward to better my Portuguese. My mother is from Terceires, Azores and I am moving to Porto at the end of this year. Thanks!

Muito Obrigado

Name: David Ramirez P.

Muito obrigado pelo podcast, é realmente útil para quem quer aprender a falar a língua, além eu pessoalmente gosto mais de o sotaque português

…Extremely refreshing to say the least!

Name: Ryan

Hi Joel and Rui, This is a message to say thanks for the great content and keep up the good work. Iv been learning Portuguese for just under a year as many of my friends from university are from Angola and Portugal. When looking for resources I always found Brazilian Portuguese and had to constantly badger my native speaker peers for their pronunciation of the word. Since this website is European Portuguese it is extremely refreshing to say the least! Iv also found that listening to these videos has not only helped in comprehending the Portuguese style of speaking but also made Brazilian Portuguese videos even easier to comprehend.
Muito obrigado,


Name: Marlene L.V.

I love your videos and just came across your FB page; They’re both excellent! I love the Portuguese pizza video…very funny!

Very useful!

Name: Xin Q.

How Did You Hear About Us: By my teacher.
Comments: Very useful!

I love your dialogues

Name: Beatriz

I’m from Spain and a student of Portuguese. I was looking for a web about portuguese, but european portuguese!! I tried webs in English and that is how I found you. I love your dialogues, thank you for your work!!

Keep doing a great job

Name: Karolina

…I am half Greek and half German and I am learning Portuguese from Portugal. So, I am very happy that you actually created this webpage for original Portuguese (and not the Brazilian). I think that the podcasts you have done so far are good, and I like the topics chosen… Keep doing a great job and make even more podcasts 🙂

Keep up the great work!

Name: Jennifer P

Joe (my husband) and I have really enjoyed the past few episodes.  You couldn’t have timed them better.  I was already looking forward to our stops in Alcobaca and Sintra during our Portugal trip in May.  Now they are definitely on the must do list!  Keep up the great work!

We have alerted our students…

Name: Sausalito Portuguese Hall

We are a Portuguese-American organization founded in 1888, located in Sausalito, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. We give European Portuguese classes and recently came across your website and podcasts. Very nicely done. We have alerted our students about your program and hope that some of them will take advantage of the resources you provide. Muito obrigado!

European Portuguese School

Sausalito Portuguese Hall

Name: Sausalito Portuguese Hall

Among other online resources the members of our Portuguese class have found useful in their study of European Portuguese are the podcasts provided by the Lisbon-based Practice Portuguese organization ( The podcasts are in Portuguese and cover a wide range of topics about Portuguese culture and society. They are available for free if one just wants to listen to them. In addition they offer a premium service which includes a full transcript of the podcast and vocabulary. Original Post


Name: Svetoslava S.

Your website is a prayer answered. The internet is littered with Brazilian Portuguese websites. Once I find work, I hope to become a premium member, too.
Keep up the excellent work! WE NEED YOU!!!XXX

Muito Engraçado

Name: Maria F.

Muito engraçado adoro ouvir.


Name: Masami T.

Gostei muito, como sempre, do episódio. Muito obrigado!!!

…I love to hear the cadence of everything spoken properly!

Name: John L

Going to Lisbon in a few days. This is too advanced for me (for now) but I love to hear the cadence of everything spoken properly. Also, Rui’s Avó is your best advertising. I signed up just to thank you for her talking; so funny!! I hope to follow this and some day actually speak Portuguese in the Portuguese way. Thanks again guys, very fun!…

Thank you so much…

Name: Sausan H.

Thank you so much for this website. I’ve been living in porto, Portugal for a year now (to study, but in english), and finally decided to take learning portuguese seriously! I’ve tried so many different ways of learning. However, I found yours is by far the most fun and interesting way.

Very nice…

Name: Natalia D.

Very nice listening about pasteis de Belem.


Name: Memel2211

This is an awesome learning tool! You guys have made learning Portuguese so easy and entertaining! Thank you so much 🙂 PS. Rui, you grandma is amazing!

O Website é Incrível

Name: Ryan

Primeiro quero dizer que o website é incrível…Obrigado desde já, e continuem com o maravilhoso trabalho.

Excellent Show

Name: Cualio

Muito interesante!

…You are my saviors!

Name: John

Gentlemen, you are my saviors! I listen to each episode tens or hundreds of times as I commute to and from work, so it’s almost surreal to be sending you an email! Anyway, I’m hoping to complement my use of your podcasts and materials with an in-person instructor/tutor to sharpen my conversational skills…

Extremely helpful – and fun!!

Name: Beni Martial

This was a really happy discovery – a great tool to develop my listening skills of European Portuguese. It really doesn’t matter how basic your understanding is yet, it really is helpful in getting you to develop. I’ve noticed my progress over just a few podcasts. And they’re hilarious! I love the conversations with Rui’s grandmother. I strongly strongly recommend the podcasts! Really glad I found this, guys.

I love this resource so much!

Name: Beni

I love this resource so much! I’ll admit, I’m not understanding a lot yet, but I love the challenge. And I absolutely love the conversations with the grand-mother. I did understand the conversation where you told her how people are writing in that they love her! haha. I was thinking the same thing.


Name: Mustafa

I’m mainly trying to learn European Portuguese and find the Practice Portuguese ( Podcast helpful.

Hilarious and Memorable…

Name: Rimi

I’m working on my Portuguese (I adore for hilarious and memorable ways to learn a language)

…I Love Listening to Them

Name: Declutterbug

I enjoy learning languages, and at the moment one of the languages I am focusing on is Portuguese. This is because I have been to Portugal a couple of times in the last six months and have had the opportunity to practise. I also have a Portuguese penfriend that I can write to. Last week I started listening to the Practice Portuguese podcasts. So far, I’m really enjoying them. Some of the podcasts involve the reading of an article of general interest, first slowly and clearly, then at natural speed. It really helps with my listening comprehension. In other podcasts, one of the organisers calls his grandparents and talks to them. They are so funny because they don’t know about things like podcasts and Facebooks. I love listening to them…

Excellent tool

Name: Sally

This is an excellent tool for listening to dialogue, I shall be telling all my friends also.

Thanks a million

Name: Mika L.

Thanks a million for the podcasts!!

Great project!

Name: Aiste

Great project! Really appreciate finding some material on continental Portuguese

Thanks for this…

Name: Milka

I’ve started learning European Portuguese in October and I had problems with finding materials! It was always about Brazilian Portuguese and I fell in love with the one spoken in Portugual. So, thanks for this and keep on with great work! 🙂

Muito Engraçado

Name: João

Muito engraçado o podcast,sou brasileiro e compreendo a diversidade linguistica entre nossos paises

I really appreciate the podcasts

Name: Eileen

I really appreciate the podcasts you create and the ability to “hear” continental Portuguese spoken, since I don’t know anyone who speaks the language. Obrigada!

Very slow progress… until I found your site

Name: Danielle

Congratulations for your great job Rui and Joel!  I started to learn Portuguese two months ago and I was not too happy with my very slow progress (as a French native) until I found your site.  Now I am rocketting, thanks to you.  I still use my books, but only as reference for the grammar, especially the verbs.  I realised that my brain just needs to be entertained in order to learn. Dê aos avós os meus cumprimentos.