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Updated: 08.04.2018



Muito Engraçado

Name: João

Muito engraçado o podcast,sou brasileiro e compreendo a diversidade linguistica entre nossos paises

I really appreciate the podcasts

Name: Eileen

I really appreciate the podcasts you create and the ability to “hear” continental Portuguese spoken, since I don’t know anyone who speaks the language. Obrigada!

Very slow progress… until I found your site

Name: Danielle

Congratulations for your great job Rui and Joel!  I started to learn Portuguese two months ago and I was not too happy with my very slow progress (as a French native) until I found your site.  Now I am rocketting, thanks to you.  I still use my books, but only as reference for the grammar, especially the verbs.  I realised that my brain just needs to be entertained in order to learn. Dê aos avós os meus cumprimentos.

My trip last year to Portugal went well, thanks to your help…!

Name: Eileen

Hello you two The new website looks great, and easy to use!..My trip last year to Portugal went well, thanks to your help, and got you a new customer, a Finnish friend living in Portugal. Keep up the great work! Eileen

A Million Thanks…

Name: Svetla

A million thanks to all of you clever people who decided to help us poor foreigners in learning EUROPEAN Portuguese! It’s so hard to find something free online that is NOT Brazilian Portuguese! Thank you. Love you love you amo-vos…. Happy New Year!

Your podcasts are super!

Name: Svetla v. M.

Your podcasts are super! Thank you!xox

…Sou Professora de Português

Name: L.O.

Bom antes de mais boa noite.
E parabens pelo vosso excelente trabalho!
…sou professora de Portugues Basico numa escola da união europeia em Vratislavia

This will help us teach our three children…

Name: Stacy

Looking forward to listening to European portuguese. My husband’s family is from San Miguel, and this will help us teach our three children their family’s language…

Your podcast is helping…

Name: Gail

Canadian living in Portugal (a year now) s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g with Portuguese — mostly the listening part. Can read it much more easily, but the sounds are difficult to match with the words…

Your podcast is helping, even though I have to hear the episodes over and over to pick out the words — to the point where I listen to them with only the dog for company…  if you’re ever in Porto when my dog’s around he will also recognize your voices!

Keep up the good work!

…Have just subscribed

Name: Colin

I’m really happy to have found your podcasts and have just subscribed… Thanks for making this and good luck!

I Enjoy All The Episodes…

Name: Wayne

Olá Rui e Joel. Tudo bem?
The Fado episode is wonderful; thanks for posting it. I enjoy all the episodes not only for the language part, but also for the knowledge they provide about different topics…

I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

Name: Jennypantsnj

Finally a way to help practice European Portuguese in a way that is fun and interesting! I’ve been listening for months and eagerly await each new podcast. Keep up the great work Rui and Joel…you guys are hilarious. Obrigado!


Name: designerforlife

Beijinhos muitos para Rui e Joel. This is wonderful and a long time coming.

Best source for European Portuguese

Name: Andrew H.

This podcast is the best source I’ve found for European Portuguese conversation. I love that it’s not boring repetition of words and phrases, but rather actual conversations between native and non-native speakers. Plus they’re super funny, especially Rui who I suspect must be an actor on the side because of all the (hilarious) roles he plays in the conversations. Thanks Rui & Joel!


Name: Dulcexicalbv

Muito obrigada!! Agora vou aprender muito mais rapido

…their podcasts are brilliant!

Name: Maricelli

I am now following Practice Portuguese and I am learning alot from them as well. Those guys are funny and their podcasts are brilliant. I just listened to the second episode and now understand the difference between “porque, porqué… and por que”.

Practice Portuguese is great!

Name: Andrew

I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a few weeks now and have started to pick up the gist of them. I just signed up as a premium member so I can accelerate my learning. Practice Portuguese is great! I do some podcasting myself, so I know how much work you must be putting in. Thanks for all of the effort and keep it up!


Name: Robert S.

The best conversational content available for learners of European Portuguese! Thank you Rui & Joel!

Exactly what I have been looking for

Name: Elena

Hi Joel and Rui, I absolutely love your podcast.. this is exactly what i have been looking for for months since i started learning Portuguese! Finding a good Continental Portguese resource is so hard and you guys are doing an amazing job.
Looking forward to new episodes!

Definite value for money

Name: Tom D.

The 4 Euro contribution is definite value for money. The podcasts are regular and of good length too, and continued listening is sure to help anyone with their Portuguese comprehension.

Really Cool Project

Name: Anthony

This is a really cool project you guys are working on and I’d love to help out in any way I can. I came across your site while searching for Portuguese Podcasts on iTunes. Most of the Podcasts were for Brazilian Portuguese which just sounds completely wrong to my ears. So I was glad to find a European Portuguese version!

You’re making learning so much fun :)

Name: Jen

I love your podcast! It’s so helpful to have a site completely dedicated to practicing European Portuguese. You’re making learning so much fun 🙂

…Keep on rocking!

Name: Chiara

The new website is super cool and the podcasts are really useful!
I’m looking forward to the release of new episodes and I would be glad to listen to something about Lisboa and the local culture. I’ll soon move to your city and I need to get ready!

…Thank you guys and keep on rocking!

…the best thing around.

Name: Anonymous (Newsletter feedback)

I just found this website and its great. I just moved to Portugal this year and at that intermediate level that you guys are catering for. And this website seems to be the best thing around.

Best European Portuguese tool!

Name: Heluleka

Demystifies the quirks of EU PT and does so in a super fun way!!

…A motivation for me to keep trying to improve my skills.

Name: Chris

I’m really happy I found this program here exactly addresses my key issue about this language. Listening to the articles and dialogues you created is a really nice way as well as a motivation for me to keep trying to improve my skills.

Thanks heaps 🙂


Please continue!

Name: Car Ou

I have just found this podcast… I hope more episodes are coming!

Les meilleurs podcasts pour apprendre le portugais européen


Pour les débutants en portugais européen, voici des podcasts qui traitent à chaque fois un sujet différent. Les animateurs parlent assez lentement et, sur le site, vous pourrez trouver les transcriptions et, surtout, la liste des mots et expressions utilisés dans l’épisode.

Que Legal!

Name: Sabine M.

Olá, acho o seu podcast perfeito para mim!!! Vc fala só português … Que legal !!!!… Odeio a gente falando inglês a metade do podcast grrrrr! … estou ansiosa para saber mais. … Um abraço Sabine

Queria Agradece-los Para Este Podcast

Name: Andreas L.

Apenas queria agradece-los para este podcast. Já falo português, mas aprendi falar no Brasil. Então este podcast é bem aquilo que procurara para melhorar a minha capacidade de perceber a pronuncia do Português do Portugal. Espero que este projeto vai crescendo com mais utentes e mais funções com exercícios interativos e tal.

I have been recommending your podcast to all my colleagues

Name: Diane B.

Apprendi Portuguese por 6 meses (jan-julho14) com professoras portuguesas e angolanas e as vezes algumas brasileiras. o vosso podcast ajudou me muito para melhorar o meu nivel de compreencao e agora nos mudamos para mocambique e vamos ficar aqui por 3 anos, entao foi otimo poder usar este podcast para ser mais pronto para mocambique! muito obrigada pelo voss podcast, vovo foi uma adicao absolutamente deliciosa para mim! you guys are awesome and I have been recommending your podcast to all my colleagues I know who were learning continental Portuguese too!! stay well and ate a proxima.

Muito Obrigado!

Name: Anonymous

Sou alemao e fico muito feliz ter achado este Podcast. Me ajuda exactamente no meu problema principal: perceber o portugues falado. Gosto muito do concepto e adouro os desafios dado pelos dialogos. MUITO OBRIGADO!!!

Tao util para usage

Name: Evan L.

Tao util para usage

Muito Útil!

Name: Corchua

Parabéns pelo podcast!
É o que eu estaba a procura para ouvir português de Portugal.
Muito obrigada!

Grande ideia!

Name: Ivan P.

Grande ideia! Quem dera houvesse essa página há alguns anos quando estudava mais a língua da qual tão gosto.
Boa sorte!!

Grande ideia!

Name: Ivan P.

Olá! Grande ideia! Quem dera houvesse essa página há alguns anos quando estudava mais a língua da qual tão gosto.

Boa sorte!!

Adorei seu Podcast!

Name: Dirk T.

Adorei seu “podcast”! Tenho 20 anos de casamento com uma Brasileira, mas nunca entendi “patavina” dos Portugueses. Agora acho que estou começando a entender… E a sua vó é o máximo!

Understand 99%

Name: Juan Carlos

I really like your podcasts. Although I do not speak Portuguese, I’m able to understand 99% of their content. That’s probably because you pronounce well and read articles…

Awesome Work!

Name: Dychui

Keep up the awesome work. I really, really enjoy your podcast, the topics, the clarity with which you speak, the American dude who speaks EP, haha it’s great!

Gosto imenso do vosso podcast

Name: Dychui

é simplesmente maravilhoso este vídeo. Só gostava de vos dizer que gosto imenso do vosso podcast e me ajuda muito con meu português…

I Love What You Do!

Name: Mariola

…I love what you do! it is reaaallllly helpful for me and is great not only to learn language but also culture. And its fun! More episodes like Dialogo 10 please !
All the best for you, keep doing your great job, keep improving, keep posting 🙂

Muito Bom!

Name: iconoclasta08

E’ um divertido modo de estudiar a lingua mais boa do mundo inteiro.

Eu Adoro

Name: Jucarvig

Estou tentando aprender Português, e esta é uma forma incrível para melhorar o meu vocabulário e compreensão… bom trabalho

Realistic and Funny

Name: Dario

Boa Noite,

I am writing this email to support your work and say thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing. i think this sit is among the bests for what concerns european portuguese, which i believe is way better than the brazilian one. i am happy to have found such a nice site with dialogues which are both realistic and funny… ps, last year i had the chance of living in lisboa and aprender a lingua portuguesa, a lingua mais linda do mundo 😉

Great Work!

Name: Marc A.

Hi Joel and Rui Great work on the site. As you said somewhere, there really isn’t much out there with European Portuguese, particularly geared toward listening. Happily for me I’m the right level for this to be challenging (particularly the authentic conversations!) and I find it a great tool for learning conversational vocabulary. It’s also funny. I’ve only listened to 3 episodes so far, but your grandmother is hilarious, I hope she makes a reappearance! It’s such a good idea having people of different ages on the podcast because they do talk differently and this certainly replicates real life! I’m an English teacher to foreign students, and I’ve tried some authentic listenings like yours before with my students and they loved them. It’s amazing how differently we speak when not aware that we’re being recorded… Marc