Rui and Joel invite you to explore some of the feedback we have been receiving from our listeners and members.

This is the kind of support that keep us growing Practice Portuguese! What do you think of our work so far? 

Note: Positive listener reviews and ratings from each country are vital to growing our community, and allows us to continue growing this project. If you happen to have any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement, please email us instead of leaving a negative review, so we have a chance to respond to your concerns. 

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148 Ratings in 19 Countries

Updated: 08.04.2018



…Recommending it to anyone who will listen!

Name: Sandra H.

Olá e parabéns on a great site. As everyone says, it is difficult to find good learning material for European Portuguese so I’ve just found your site and already recommending it to anyone who will listen! I particularly like the clear, slower recordings as my brain turns inside out when I hear normal speed… It’s good to hear things I can understand (mais ou menos) and I then have a better chance when it goes into full speed. I hope you continue to get support and I’ll be signing up for the premium features soon so you can get some coffee and cake! It will be good to have the transcripts and the wordlists and expressions look really useful too. Muito obrigada Sandra

Congratulations on your excellent site

Name: Emma

Boa tarde! Congratulations on your excellent site, one of my students found you yesterday and told us about the site in class today… Obrigada! Emma (

Portuguese woman married with an American…

Name: Sandra H.

I’m a portuguese woman married with an American, with 4 children. I homeschool all my children and was looking for resources for my daughter to learn Portuguese. She’s an 8th grader, and will be in high school next year… I do think the way that Rui talks is very clear and of course I do like that you guys actually use portuguese expressions like “patavina, ” etc , since we portuguese use these all the time.  And of course I really enjoyed listening to Rui’s grandmother, because it reminded me of my own grandmother… I think your programs are funny and very well done!

Everybody should do this!

Name: Vito

Olá Rui e Joel… thanks to your project, I feel I am making giant steps! I have just listened tonight to the last couple of audio contents, including a entrevista com o Joel – and I can tell you I find the transcribed dialogues a great tool to really improve my understanding of the language, learn new words and expressions, etc… I have subscribed as a Premium member, and I feel it’s the best 5 Euros spent every month  Everybody should do this!


Name: Estagmar123

A huge thanks from Argentina!


Pretty Great!!


Extremely helpful and well put together. Not boring like other language audio lessons. Bravo, worth the download!

…Spending the weekend listening to your podcasts

Name: Geoff

Hello PP Guys, I found your page through iTunes. I’m from Vancouver, but I’ve been living in Santiago, Chile for 3 years. My Spanish is good, and I’ve been working on transitioning some of it into a basic level of Portuguese. I’ve always listened to a wide variety of Spanish; thank you for the materials from the “Home Country”! Obviously, it’s all about Brazil here in South America. I teach English online with Skype and Google Hangout. I’m passionate about communication based language learning… Good luck with your project! I’ll be spending the weekend listening to your podcasts. Geoff

Fun way to improve your Portuguese!

Name: RitRl.

These podcasts are a really fun way of improving your skills when it comes to understanding native Portuguese speakers! I give it 4 stars just because I wish there were more podcasts already available!


Name: jeolga

Great job you are doing guys, not only easy to learn but funny too, keep up the good work , you are doin an amazing job CONGRATULATIONS


Name: Jonny5_81

This is so helpful. Well done


Name: ***JJ***

Excellent podcast, on spoken European language, I have been looking for something like this for years to improve my listening and speaking skills. Great to be able to listen to podcast and follow transcript. Look forward to future episodes of the same high standard

Practice Portuguese is easy and fun!

Name: 18countries

This is the best Portuguese language learning tool I have used, and I have tried many! Very helpful indeed!


Name: Mirian

I’m inspired! Love it!


Name: JDHill

Nice work on this one!! Far better than having a roommate that speaks it trying to teach me.


Name: Margarida Oliveira

Undoubtedly the best application to practice Portuguese language. Good themes and excellent understanding. Keep up!!

Really Useful!

Name: Darlingmia

My mother is learning portuguese and this podcast is without doubt the best so far! I highly recommend it.

New Waves

Name: James Muscat

Very true! Cool way to prepare foreigners a taste of reality and at the same time prepare them for when they’re out and about! Well done

More Please!

Name: Rae-L

…This is just what I have been looking for!


Name: swimmer10

This is wonderful… I look forward to new additions!

Nicely done!!!

Name: Mighty_Max17

Wish I’d had back then when I moved to Portugal…

Fun – Innovative – Awesome!

Name: Lancey pantsy

I’ve tried many programs and CDs, but this podcast sets itself apart from the rest. GREAT way to learn Portuguese. I loooovvvee it!! Obrigado, Practice Portuguese!

Truly helpful…

Name: 24fps2013

… and authentic to advance your Portuguese.

A tool

Name: Michael Camilleri

As an Australian learning Portuguese this is going to go a long way in helping me that my text books and other programs won’t. It’s a must.


Name: EnglishSpeakingTraveler

This is a clear, instructive podcast for all those native English speakers looking to learn Portuguese. I recommend it!